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The Roman Road
Thomas Hardy
The Roman Road runs straight and bare As the pale parting-line in hair Across the heath. And thoughtful men Contrast its days of Now and Then, ...Rate it:

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A Roman Doll
Eleanor Agnes Lee
(In a Museum) How an image of paint and wood Leaped to her life with a love's control, Struck the chords of her motherhood, Passionate little m...Rate it:

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A Roman's Chamber
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. In the cave which wild weeds cover Wait for thine aethereal lover; For the pallid moon is waning, O'er the spiral cypress hanging And the moon n...Rate it:

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Aftenen [En Aften deilig, som i en Roman! ]
Hans Christian Andersen
En Aften deilig, som i en Roman! (For Rimets Skyld, som een i Hindostan.) O Alnaturen til mit Hjerte taler, Det maa herud: »Ja, ogsaa jeg er Maler!...Rate it:

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Sonnet LVI: As to the Roman
Samuel Daniel
As to the Roman that would free his land, His error was his honor and renown And more the fame of his mistaking hand Than if he had the tyrant o...Rate it:

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The Roman Centurion's Song
Rudyard Kipling
Roman Occupation of Britain, A.D. 300 Legate, I had the news last night --my cohort ordered home By ships to Portus Itius and thence by road to Ro...Rate it:

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The Roman Rose-Seller
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Not from Paestum come my roses; Patrons, see My flowers are Roman-blown; their nectaries Drop honey amber, and their petals throw Rich crimsons on ...Rate it:

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To Giovanni Salzilli, A Roman Poet, In His Illness. Scazons (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
My halting Muse, that dragg'st by choice along Thy slow, slow step, in melancholy song! And lik'st that pace expressive of thy cares Not less than ...Rate it:

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Where a Roman Villa Stood, Above Freiburg
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
On alien ground, breathing an alien air, A Roman stood, far from his ancient home, And gazing, murmured, 'Ah, the hills are fair,
But not the...Rate it:

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A British-Roman Song
Rudyard Kipling
(A. D. 406) "A Centurion of the Thirtieth" My father's father saw it not, And I, belike, shall never come To look on that so-holy spot -- That ve...Rate it:

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A Roman Winter-Piece
Eugene Field
See, Thaliarch mine, how, white with snow, Soracte mocks the sullen sky; How, groaning loud, the woods are bowed, And chained with frost the rivers...Rate it:

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Lines Written In The Belief That The Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead Was Called Ambarvalia
Rupert Brooke
Swings the way still by hollow and hill, And all the world's a song; "She's far," it sings me, "but fair," it rings me, "Quiet," it laughs, "and...Rate it:

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Prologue du Roman de Rou
Pour remembrer des ancessours Les faiz et les diz et les mours, Doit l'on les livres et les gestes Et les estoires lire as festes, Les felonies...Rate it:

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Roman Anemones
Mathilde Blind
THE maiden meadows softly blush Beneath the enamoured breeze, And break into one purple flush Of frail anemones. Violet and rose and vermeil w...Rate it:

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Roman Elegies I
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Tell me you stones, O speak, you towering palaces! Streets, say a word! Spirit of this place, are you dumb? All things are alive in your sacred wal...Rate it:

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Roman Fountain
Louise Bogan
Up from the bronze, I saw Water without a flaw Rush to its rest in air, Reach to its rest, and fall. Bronze of the blackest shade, An element man-...Rate it:

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Roman Girl's Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Rome, Rome! thou art no more As thou hast been! On thy seven hills of yore Thou satst a queen. Thou hadst thy triumphs then Purpling the street, ...Rate it:

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The Reply Of Q. Horatius Flaccus To A Roman
Alfred Austin
Good friends, you urge my Odes grow trite, And that of worthless station, Of fleeting youth and joy, I write With endless iteration. But say, in m...Rate it:

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The Roman Gravemounds
Thomas Hardy
By Rome's dim relics there walks a man, Eyes bent; and he carries a basket and spade; I guess what impels him to scrape and scan; Yea, his dreams o...Rate it:

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The Virgin's Cradle-Hymn. Copied From A Print Of The Virgin, In A Roman Catholic Village In Germany
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Dormi, Jesu! Mater ridet Quae tam dulcem somnum videt, Dormi, Jesu! blandule! Si non dormis, Mater plorat, Inter fila cantans orat, Blande, veni, s...Rate it:

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To a Lady - with Flowers from a Roman Wall
Sir Walter Scott
Take these flowers which, purple waving, On the ruin'd rampart grew, Where, the sons of freedom braving, Rome's imperial standards flew. Warriors ...Rate it:

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No Letters From Home!
Henry Clay Work
A stranger lies ill, in a distant city, With no - - letters from home! The glances that meet him, in lieu of pity, Are querring, "Why does he roam?...Rate it:

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I Found A Few Old Letters
Rabindranath Tagore
XIV I found a few old letters of mine carefully hidden in thy box—a few small toys for thy memory to play with. With a timorous heart thou didst tr...Rate it:

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All Letters Gone
Kurt Philip Behm
The new Millennium… love with a small l mistrust with a large M honor—with all letters gone (Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)Rate it:

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All the letters I can write
Emily Dickinson
All the letters I can write Are not fair as this— Syllables of Velvet— Sentences of Plush, Depths of Ruby, undrained, Hid, Lip, for Thee— Play it w...Rate it:

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