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Ring Ring The Banjo
Stephen C. Foster
De time is nebber dreary if de darkey nebber groans; De ladies nebber weary wid de rattle of de bones: Den come again Susanna by de gaslight ob de ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
LUIGI’S RING Quite suddenly, this last week-end I had to fly to Rome A city of which I’m very fond And once considered home. I’d had a call from R...Rate it:

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The Gloomy Night Is Gath'ring Fast
Robert Burns
The gloomy night is gath'ring fast, Loud roars the wild inconstant blast; Yon murky cloud is filled with rain, I see it driving o'er the plain; ...Rate it:

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A Jet Ring Sent
John Donne
Thou art not so black as my heart, Nor half so brittle as her heart, thou art ; What would'st thou say ? shall both our properties by thee be spo...Rate it:

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A Marriage Ring
George Crabbe
THE ring, so worn as you behold, So thin, so pale, is yet of gold: The passion such it was to prove-- Worn with life's care, love yet was love. ...Rate it:

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A Ring Posy
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Jess and Jill are pretty girls, Plump and well to do, In a cloud of windy curls: Yet I know who Loves me more than curls or pearls. I'm not pretty...Rate it:

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A Ring Presented to Julia
Robert Herrick
Julia, I bring To thee this Ring. Made for thy finger fit; To shew by this, That our love is (Or sho'd be) like to it. Close though it be, ...Rate it:

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A Ring Upon Her Finger
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A ring upon her finger, Walks the bride, With the bridegroom tall and handsome At her side. A veil upon her forehead Walks the bride, With th...Rate it:

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Chanclebury Ring
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Say what you will, there is not in the world A nobler sight than from this upper Down. No rugged landscape here, no beauty hurled From its Creator'...Rate it:

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Curfew Shall Not Ring To-Night
William F Kirk
England's sun ban slowly setting on big hilltops far avay; Dis bar sun ban tired of standing, so it lak to set, yu say; And yust ven dis sun ban se...Rate it:

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One has not awarded enhancements on behalf of spiritual self Reward one's material greed at the detriment of a nations health Courts injustices, ...Rate it:

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Depose Your Finger of That Ring
Richard Lovelace
I. Depose your finger of that ring, And crowne mine with't awhile; Now I restor't. Pray, dos it bring Back with it more of soile? Or shines it...Rate it:

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Keen, Fitful Gusts are Whisp'ring Here and There
John Keats
Keen, fitful gusts are whisp'ring here and there Among the bushes half leafless, and dry; The stars look very cold about the sky, And I have man...Rate it:

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Let Freedom Ring
Mario William Vitale
Let Freedom Ring why should we worry in a world in such a hurry present them with truth & they change the story like Martin Luther King let fr...Rate it:

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Med en Ring fra en Ægtemand til hans Hustru
Hans Christian Andersen
Det røde Guld betyder Elskovs Tro, Og Ringens Form betegner Evigheden. Hvad Gaven siger her, forstaaer Du jo, Som skabte for mig Hjemmet til et Ede...Rate it:

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Ring O' Roses
Leonard Leslie Brooke
Ring a ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies; Hush! hush! hush! And we all tumble down. Rate it:

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Ring Of Peace
Paul Eluard
I have passed the doors of coldness The doors of my bitterness To come and kiss your lips City reduced to a room Where the absurd tide of evil lea...Rate it:

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Ring Out , Wild Bells
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, The flying cloud, the frosty light; The year is dying in the night; Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. ...Rate it:

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Ring Out Your Bells
Sir Philip Sidney
Ring out your bells, let mourning shows be spread; For Love is dead-- All love is dead, infected With plague of deep disdain; Worth, as nought wort...Rate it:

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Ring the Bell, Watchman!
Henry Clay Work
High is the belfry the old sexton stands, Grasping the rope with his thin bony hands; Fix'd is his gaze, as by some magic spell, Till he hears the ...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXIX: Farewell, Ye Tow'ring Cedars
Mary Darby Robinson
Farewell, ye tow'ring Cedars, in whose shade, Lull'd by the Nightingale, I sunk to rest, While spicy breezes hover'd o'er my breast To fan my cheek...Rate it:

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The Broken Ring
Eugene Field
To the willows of the brookside The mill wheel sings to-day-- Sings and weeps, As the brooklet creeps Wondering on its way; And here is the ring _s...Rate it:

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The Dream Ring of the Desert
John Milton Hayes
THE MERCHANT Abu Khan shunned the customs of his race, And sought the cultured wisdom of the West. His daughter fair Leola had the desert’s supple ...Rate it:

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The Giant’s Ring
Robinson Jeffers
BALLYLESSON, NEAR BELFAST Whoever is able will pursue the plainly False immortality of not having lived in vain but leaving some mark in the world....Rate it:

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The Half-Ring Moon
John Bannister Tabb
Over the sea, over the sea, My love he is gone to a far countrie; But he brake a golden ring with me The pledge of his faith to be. Over the sea, ...Rate it:

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