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Like her the Saints retire
Emily Dickinson
Like her the Saints retire, In their Chapeaux of fire, Martial as she! Like her the Evenings steal Purple and Cochineal After the Day! "Departed"...Rate it:

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No Retirement.
Nikhil Parekh
You can disdainfully retire a man from his job; but not from his eternal work of creating spell bindingly effulgent newness; on even the most incon...Rate it:

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To A Departing Favorite
George Moses Horton
Thou mayst retire, but think of me When thou art gone afar, Where'er in life thy travels be, If tost along the brackish sea, Or borne upon the c...Rate it:

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A Letter from Italy
Joseph Addison
admire, And from Britannia's public posts retire, Nor longer, her ungrateful sons to pleaRate it:

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Calamity in London
William Topaz McGonagall
lived a family who were very poor, And all had retired to rest, on the night of Christmas day, NeveRate it:

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James Macpherson
away their sparkling eyes. Whither dost thou retire from thy course when the darkness of thy counteRate it:

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Fingal - Book Vi
James Macpherson
son. Thine arm is feeble, sunbeam of youth! Retire to Gormal's dark-brown hinds.' 'But I will retirRate it:

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General Roberts in Afghanistan
William Topaz McGonagall
8th Punjaub, bounding up the heights, made them retire. Then Major White seized a rifle from one Rate it:

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Il Fait Froid
Victor Marie Hugo
l'astre éteint-il sa flamme ? Dieu ne retire rien du ciel ; Ne retire rien de ton âme ! Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 03 - part 04
Torquato Tasso
will them stay and calm their courage hot; "Retire," quoth he, "Godfrey commands the same; To wreakRate it:

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Ode To Hope
James Beattie
black banner bloats the troubled sky, Appall'd retire. Suspicion hides her head, Nor dares th' obliRate it:

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Song Of Four Faries
John Keats
delicious light! Dusketha. Let me to my glooms retire! Breama. I to the green-wood rivers bright!Rate it:

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Song XXX. The Lovely Brown Maid
Robert Anderson
is found, Crown'd with health, peace, retirement, and love; Then far from the village the swains thRate it:

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The Battle of Glencoe
William Topaz McGonagall
early in the fight some of the Boers began to retire; And in half an hour the Boers' artillery had Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XI: Inns
George Crabbe
the house of a friend if you're pleased to retire, You must all things admit, you must all tilingRate it:

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The Eve Of St. Agnes
John Keats
did aright; As, supperless to bed they must retire, And couch supine their beauties, lily wRate it:

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Gunga Din
Rudyard Kipling
our attack, An' watch us till the bugles made "Retire", An' for all 'is dirty 'ide 'E was white, clRate it:

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Hush'd Be the Camps Today
Walt Whitman
our war-worn weapons, And each with musing soul retire to celebrate, Our dear commander's death. Rate it:

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just me
Buffy Sammons
normal girl who thought she would be a nurse and retire at a much later date.. But life has changedRate it:

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The Battle of Omdurman
William Topaz McGonagall
fire- But still the heroic Dervishes refused to retire. And defiantly they planted their standardRate it:

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Dying Throughout my Life...
Jesus Penaranda
school. And now I am dying to stop working and retire. And now suddenly I have realizing I 've beenRate it:

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The 'Ole in the Ark
Marriott Edgar
the bottom somewhere, We must find it before we retire.' Then he thowt for a bit, and he said 'Aye,Rate it:

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Just me
Buffy Sammons
normal girl who thought she would be a nurse and retire at a much later date.. But life has changedRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
we may visit in old age. And yet, when we retire to bed Those pictures come within our head Brief Rate it:

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Robinson Crusoe's Story
Charles Edward Carryl
Cat is taking lessons on the drum. We retire at eleven, And we rise again at seven;Rate it:

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