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On Tea
Edmund Waller
Muse's friend, tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapors which the head invade, And keep the palRate it:

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Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Thomas Gray
spoils of time did ne'er unroll; Chill Penury repress'd their noble rage, And froze the genial currRate it:

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A Satire against the citizens of London
Henry Howard
did convert so That terror could it not repress. The which, by words since preachers know Rate it:

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An Eastern Tale
David John Scott
woman when she's dressed Looks better than (repress that smile) When she in plainer costume does apRate it:

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An Epistle To William Hogarth
Charles Churchill
kindness bless'd, The furious ardour of my zeal repress'd. Canst thou, with more than usual warmth Rate it:

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And Does She Still Perceive
Christopher John Brennan
glad and just a little sad with longing long repress'd, shall fill with grace each other's welcoRate it:

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Aquae Sulis
Thomas Hardy
crude…. Would Jove they could be removed!' ' - Repress, O lady proud, your traditional ires; You kRate it:

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At His Grave
Alfred Austin
Hush’d is the gibe and sham’d the scoff, Repress’d the envious gird; Since death, the lookiRate it:

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Charlotte Brontë
love; unwept­I weep; Grief I restrain­hope I repress: Vain is this anguish­fixed and deep; VaineRate it:

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Lines Addressed To The Rev. J. T. Becher, On His Advising The Author To Mix More With Society
George Gordon Lord Byron
No torrent can quench it, no bounds can repress. Oh! thus, the desire in my bosom for fame Bids Rate it:

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London, Hast Thou Accursed Me
Henry Howard
forth did convert so That terror could it not repress. The which, by words since preachers know WhaRate it:

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Lord and Lady Derby
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
the amiable sex to the power of pleasing, and to repress those energies which, in spite of its reguRate it:

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Monody to the Memory of Chatterton
Mary Darby Robinson
Chill penury repress'd his noble rage, And froze the genial current of his soul. GRAY. IF GRIEF can deprecate the wrath of Heaven, Or human fra...Rate it:

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My Cicely
Thomas Hardy
My friend of aforetime?"-- ('Twas hard to repress my heart-heavings And new ecstasy.)Rate it:

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Of the Death of Sir T.W. the Elder
Henry Howard
truth advance; In neither fortune loft, nor yet repress'd, To swell in wealth, or yield unto mischaRate it:

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Once More
James Brunton Stephens
who can tell where duty lies— To urge, repress, advance, or stay? To grasp at Good in Beauty's guisRate it:

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Rich And Poor
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
in her happiness- In a joy she cannot hide or repress. Close at her side her lover stands, WatchinRate it:

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Riding To Town
Paul Laurence Dunbar
after we've started, there's naught can repress The thrill of our hearts in their wild happiness; TRate it:

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Sometimes I Wonder
Mathilde Blind
I never dare confess; Yet hard, yea, harder to repress Than tears too fain to start. Sometimes Rate it:

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Sonnet To George The Fourth, On The Repeal Of Lord Edward Fitzgerald's Forfeiture
George Gordon Lord Byron
a kingdom less,-- This is to be a monarch, and repress Envy into unutterable praise. Dismiss thy guRate it:

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Spontaneous Me
Walt Whitman
deep at night, the hot hand seeking to repress what would master him; The mystic amorouRate it:

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Samuel Johnson
Stern Winter now, by Spring repress'd Forbears the long-continued strife; And Nature, on her naked breast, Delights to catch the gales of life. No...Rate it:

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The Argument
James I of Scotland
Reward the just, be stedfast, true, and plain, Repress the proud, maintaining aye the right, WalRate it:

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The Invitation
Percy Bysshe Shelley
the silent wilderness Where the soul need not repress Its music lest it should not find An echo Rate it:

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The Traveller at the Source of the Nile
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
for his home! All vainly struggling to repress That gush of painful tenderness. He wept—the staRate it:

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