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City Of Orgies
Walt Whitman
shifting tableaux, your spectacles, repay me; Not the interminable rows of your houses-Rate it:

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The Shooting Of Dan McGrew
Robert William Service
like a pent-up flood; And it seemed to say, "Repay, repay," and my eyes were blind with blood. The Rate it:

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The Exiles. 1660
John Greenleaf Whittier
pastor in, And give God thanks, if forty stripes Repay thy deadly sin.' 'What seek ye?' quoth the Rate it:

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We May Live Together
Anne Bradstreet
give recompetence. Thy love is such I can no way repay. The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray. Rate it:

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The Frog
Hilaire Belloc
epithets like these. No animal will more repay A treatment kind and fair; At least so lonely peoplRate it:

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Book Of Suleika - Love For Love
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I Joseph's graces borrow, All thy beauty I'd repay! Rate it:

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Peter the Piccaninny
Henry Kendall
make a darling of my own; And he’ll repay my labour. “He’ll grow as gentle as a fawn— As quiet asRate it:

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An Hour With Thee
Sir Walter Scott
his red flag at pitch of noon; What shall repay the faithful swain, His labor on the sultry plainRate it:

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'A Gallant Gentleman'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
in some way 'E owes Mick somethin' that 'e can't repay. Well, p'raps 'e does,- an' in the note 'e Rate it:

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'The Old Leaven'
Adam Lindsay Gordon
that for a splintered rib Can a thousand-fold repay- As the swallow skims through the spider's web,Rate it:

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A Ballad
John Gay
melancholy lying, Thus wail'd she for her dear; Repay'd each blast with sighing, Each billow with aRate it:

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A Big No
Nikhil Parekh
price on earth that you could ever dream of; to repay back your divinely mother; for the pricelesslRate it:

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A Dialogue At Fiesole
Alfred Austin
the real sceptred Sovereign at my side. But now repay my music, and in kind. Unfolding to my ear thRate it:

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A Fragment: When, To Their Airy Hall
George Gordon Lord Byron
to crown my clay, Oh! may no other fame my deeds repay! That, only that, shall single out the spot;Rate it:

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A Hunting Song
Adam Lindsay Gordon
beauty's fond caresses can most tenderly repay The weariness and trouble of many an anxious day. TRate it:

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A Welcome To The Month Of Mary
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
can tell with what gifts rare Our Mother will repay Their love who honor thus with care Her own sweRate it:

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Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?
Isaac Watts
my eyes to tears. But drops of grief can ne’er repay The debt of love I owe: Here, Lord, I give myRate it:

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An Address to Shakespeare
William Topaz McGonagall
writings are a treasure, which the world cannot repay, He was the greatest poet of the past or of tRate it:

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An Adventure in the Life of King James V of Scotland
William Topaz McGonagall
me, for your manful assistance, I'll you repay. Nay, honest John, don't think of you I'm making spoRate it:

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An Epitaph On Mr. Fishborne The Great London Benefactor, And His Executor
William Strode
halfe a man Theyr nobler art of generation can Repayr the soule itselfe, and see that none Bee cripRate it:

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Aspirations Of The Soul After God
William Cowper
riches and glory divine; I have only my life to repay, Take what I would gladly resign. Thy will isRate it:

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At Ease And Unfurled
Kurt Philip Behm
up or diverted, with remittance and debts to repay Is your meaning construed or verbatim, witRate it:

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Bonnie Callander
William Topaz McGonagall
brawling Leny, with its little waterfalls, Will repay the visitor for the time occupied any time heRate it:

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Book Of Suleika - Hatem 03
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
her face! Dear brown serpents, I have nought To repay this act of grace, Save a heart whose love Rate it:

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Brother Mine
Raymond Garfield Dandridge
sky— Brother 'mine. 'Vengence is Mine, I will repay!' so saith the Lord. Thusly assured, rail nRate it:

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