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Remind Me Not, Remind Me Not
George Gordon Lord Byron
Remind me not, remind me not, Of those beloved, those vanish'd hours, When all my soul was given to thee; Hours that may never be forgot,...Rate it:

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Only To Remind
Kurt Philip Behm
crown of thorns and peasant robe —serve only to remind (Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017)Rate it:

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To Inspire And Remind
Kurt Philip Behm
return His words left behind to inspire and remind —of those things that we still have to leaRate it:

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A Poem To A Mother....
Pamela Macdonald
ears that have heard, "I love you, mom" and they remind you you're not alone. Your feet, at times,Rate it:

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A Psalm of Life
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
and God o'erhead! Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, Rate it:

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Every Thing
Harold Monro
and fret, Wheezing into its epileptic jet, Reminding me I ought to go to bed. The Rafters creakRate it:

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of Money who darken...turn black and who then remind me that I am very poor and belong to the lowesRate it:

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My Memories
Ehsan Sehgal
My memories Remind me My first love letter Consisting of diplomatic Devotion I know After that A terrible incident Happened But Almighty God Protec...Rate it:

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Same Moons
Brenden Pettingill
ever mutual. I’ve given far too much. But you remind me so much of her, and I love her with all myRate it:

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The birds whose motion will remind you how you too could seek ouRate it:

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Will The Present Forget
Kurt Philip Behm
they distant—uncertain, not in view to remind Where your memories lie, are your promises keptRate it:

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A Letter
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
palms, While the minutes flew by and forgot to Remind us of Aunt and her qualms? Of the stains oRate it:

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A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age
Alice Meynell
thy meditation. Suffer, O silent one, that I remind thee Of the great hills that stormed the skyRate it:

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A Psalm of Labouring Life
Franklin P. Adams
fill the bulging purse.! Lives of strikers all remind us We can make our lives a crime, And, depRate it:

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A Roxbury Garden
Amy Lowell
of my stick, I follow behind you To touch and remind you. Burn and glitter, so white and quick, RouRate it:

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All Hail To The Czar!
Alfred Austin
ventured to mar The last work of its hands, and remind it to say, But with bayonets inverted-``All Rate it:

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Charlotte Smith
Spring! Yet, how I loved them once these scenes remind me, When light of heart, in childhood's thouRate it:

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At Fredericksburg—Dec. 13, 1862
John Boyle O'Reilly
brigade— Their caps have green badges, as if to remind them Of all the brave record their countryRate it:

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At Her Grave
Alfred Austin
lifting silent spires on high, The cypresses remind the sky Of the city of your love. And you did Rate it:

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At Vaucluse
Alfred Austin
reward With noisy praise the shrinking bard, Reminding thus the proud, Love's sympathy, to him thatRate it:

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Ayin Nedivah ('Generous Eye'): Qasida for Solomon Ibn Ghiyyat
Yehudah HaLevi
forget my lover Were it not for the stars Which remind me. The moon is conspiring against the sunRate it:

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Before, Behind, And Beyond
Alfred Austin
is dark, And care, and cark, Or transient gleams remind us Of fruitless sighs, averted eyes, BaffleRate it:

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Broken Wings
Mario William Vitale
we can learn to sing sweat from our glands will remind us to bring solace as that in a new born cRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
when the day grew dim. How else could I remind her so of him? Why, reveries like these have made mRate it:

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City of Dreams
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
dirt on our face. And our passing may serve to remind him, As he gives the grave-mound a last pat: Rate it:

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