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Le Testament: Les Regrets De La Belle Heaulmière
François Villon
By chance, I heard the belle complain, The one we called the Armouress, Longing to be a girl again, Talking like this, more or less: ‘Oh, old age, ...Rate it:

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Wild with all Regrets
Wilfred Owen
(Another version of "A Terre".) To Siegfried Sassoon My arms have mutinied against me -- brutes! My fingers fidget like ten idle brats, M...Rate it:

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The life we choose
Dead poets society
rejection or hatred. I blame others for my own regrets. I am not passionate about anything except mRate it:

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A quoi songeaient les deux cavaliers ...
Victor Marie Hugo
un essaim d'oiseaux de feu. Je suis plein de regrets. Brisé par la souffrance, L'esprit profond Rate it:

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I Go Out On The Road Alone
Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
so pained and troubled? What do I harbor: hope, regrets? I see no hope in years to come, Have noRate it:

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Ô le calme jardin d'été où rien ne bouge
Emile Verhaeren
ramènent, du fond à la surface, D'autres regrets que des regrets fugaces. Rate it:

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The Barrel-Organ
Alfred Noyes
without a shore Of human joys and wonders and regrets; To remember and to recompense the music evRate it:

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Abdul Abulbul Amir
William Percy French
look at the sunshine and brook And send your regrets to the Czar For by this I imply, you are goingRate it:

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If You Quit
Robert Randle
forture You will be unhappy and having major regrets. You are one step closer achieving a gold minRate it:

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Little needle
Krystal Williams
fast so he gave it a whirl Bad decisions, many regrets, it hasn't killed him, at least not yet Up aRate it:

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Naked Zombie & The Telephone
Mario William Vitale
impeach Trump but then who is left a life of no regrets Margaret Thatcher and the spinning wheel beRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
springs of tears. Ah, but the strength of regrets that strain and sicken, Yearning for love that tRate it:

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Red Is The Color Of Blood
Conrad Potter Aiken
time of day for recollections, For sentimental regrets, oblique allusions, Rose-leaves, shrivelleRate it:

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Qu'heureux tu es, Baïf, heureux, et plus qu'heureux
Joachim du Bellay
la pauvreté : mais las ne fuyant pas Les regrets, les ennuis, le travail et la peine, Le tardif reRate it:

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At Last
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
I may come back - at last! When cares, remorse, regrets are rife - Too late to live anew - In tRate it:

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Our Truth
Joe Giso
the spade and dirt pay tribute, they cover our regrets. The Journey completed.Rate it:

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A Girl’s Day Dream And Its Fulfilment
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
heart-sick doubts, of humbling fears, Of angry regrets, were hers, before Her heart would say, “He Rate it:

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A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age
Alice Meynell
the day was clouded; And one old age with all regrets is crowded. O hush, O hush! Thy tears my wRate it:

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A mademoiselle Louise B.
Victor Marie Hugo
dans vos cieux ? Ingrates ! vous n'avez ni regrets, ni mémoire. Vous vous réjouissez dans toute voRate it:

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A Maxim Of Peace
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Never have regrets, brother, But for sake of sin; The treacherous heart within All too soon forgets, brother, How it felt, and was, in thought, Act...Rate it:

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A Sicilian Idyll
Thomas Sturge Moore
Cydilla Tell, Damon; since I well know that regrets Hang like dull gossips round another's ear.Rate it:

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A une jeune fille
Victor Marie Hugo
les ans ! Le destin vous dévoue, Comme nous, aux regrets, à la fausse amitié, A ces maux sans espoiRate it:

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A Valentine's Song
Robert Louis Stevenson
repartees Are more than the parade of vain regrets. Let Jacques stand Wert(h)ering by the wounded dRate it:

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A Woman's Farewell
Arthur Henry Adams
and like a knell; Now all the days like drear regrets shall seem, And all the nights—the nightsRate it:

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Admiral Lord Collingwood
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
know nothing more touching than the affectionate regrets he expresses in his letters to his childreRate it:

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