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Beauty And The Beast
Charles Lamb
enjoy'd; Till Industry, with Pastime join'd, Refresh'd the body and the mind; And when the groupe rRate it:

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Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Walt Whitman
crowd, I was one of a crowd; Just as you are refresh'd by the gladness of the river and the brigRate it:

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Rise, O Days
Walt Whitman
out to sea; I sail'd through the storm, I was refresh'd by the storm; I watch'd with joy the Rate it:

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As Adam, Early In The Morning
Walt Whitman
in the morning, Walking forth from the bower, refresh'd with sleep; Behold me where I pass--hRate it:

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How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
John Newton
fleeting breath; And may the music of Thy name Refresh my soul in death. Rate it:

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Time and Life
Valentina I-P
times for growing. Fate gives white for life to refresh. I link Life with zebra crossing, when we Rate it:

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Here Is To Another Service Year!
a service year anew. When all's said and done, refresh as new, knowing the job ain't done, their Rate it:

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Beauty, Time, and Love
Samuel Daniel
Love, is like the morning dew, Whose short refresh upon the tender green Cheers for a time, but tRate it:

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A Brother Of The Battuti
Arthur Symons
burning drought, I, whom the streams may not refresh; Give me, my Lord, my Love, give me Thy spiriRate it:

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A Voice From The Factories
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
up, no wild bird sings, No moss-grown walks refresh their weary feet;-- No river's murmuring sounRate it:

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Afar in the Desert
Thomas Pringle
tree, nor cloud, nor misty mount, Appears, to refresh the aching eye: But the barren earth, and tRate it:

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At One O'Clock In The Morning
Charles Baudelaire
of my sufferings. At last, then, I am allowed to refresh myself in a bath of darkness! First of allRate it:

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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
we suffer from the drought; To take a drink, refresh ourselves somehow - We think of nothing else, Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
the infection slid, A dazzling memory revive; Refresh the faded tints, Recut the aged prints, ARate it:

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Camps Of Green
Walt Whitman
loudly beating the drums, We rose up refresh'd, the night and sleep pass'd over, and reRate it:

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Chanson de pirates (Pirates' Song)
Victor Marie Hugo
The fairer for her tears profuse, As dews refresh the flower, She is well worth three purses fullRate it:

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Henry Vaughan
thorns will hurt his face, But flowers do both refresh and grace, And sweetly living - fie on men! Rate it:

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Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
it the old things tumble, In it things new refresh us; It makes a mighty rumble,- But peace is not Rate it:

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Delight In God Only
Francis Quarles
nurse to me? I love the air; her dainty fruits refresh My drooping soul, and to new sweets invite Rate it:

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Endimion and Phoebe (excerpts)
Michael Drayton
the burthen to the song: About whose brims, refresh'd with dainty showers, Grew amaranthus, andRate it:

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English Eclogues VI - The Ruined Cottage
Robert Southey
while with the watering-pot Joanna followed, and refresh'd and trimm'd The drooping plant; Joanna, Rate it:

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Epitaph on the Monument of a Fair Maiden Lady, Who Died at Bath, and is There Interred
John Dryden
she scarce had more to know; But only to refresh the former hint, And read her Maker in a fairer Rate it:

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Extract From
John Greenleaf Whittier
sing, But there no more shall withered hags Refresh at ease their broomstick nags, Or taste those hRate it:

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From 'Daphnaida'
Edmund Spenser
upon mine ey-lids more; Ne shall with rest refresh my fainting sprights, Nor failing force to forRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
wait! The sun will shine another day, On a heart refresh'd, and strong, and green, and cool. The raRate it:

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