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The Record
Robert William Service
Fearing that she might go one day With some fine fellow of her choice, I called her from her childish play, And made a record of her voice. And now...Rate it:

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The Record
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
HE sleeps, his head upon his sword, His soldier's cloak a shroud; His church-yard is the open field,-- Three times it has been plough'd: The first...Rate it:

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The Admiral's Ghost
Alfred Noyes
I tell you a tale to-night Which a seaman told to me, With eyes that gleamed in the lanthorn light And a voice as low as the sea. You could almo...Rate it:

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Captain Craig
Edwin Arlington Robinson
I I doubt if ten men in all Tilbury Town Had ever shaken hands with Captain Craig, Or called him by his name, or looked at him So curiously, or...Rate it:

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R.I.P. ": Feddie Mercury"
Mario William Vitale
Mercury remember me from sea to shining sea through pleasant plains let me be the first to explain, Freddie, you blazing dance was magnificent out ...Rate it:

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A Letter From Li Po
Conrad Potter Aiken
Fanfare of northwest wind, a bluejay wind announces autumn, and the equinox rolls back blue bays to a far afternoon. Somewhere beyond the Gorge Li ...Rate it:

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Ch 05 On Love And Youth Story 06
Sa di
I remember that one night a dear friend of mine entered when I jumped up in such a heedless way that the lamp was extinguished by my sleeve. A visi...Rate it:

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The Spartan Boy
Charles Lamb
When I the memory repeat Of the heroic actions great, Which, in contempt of pain and death, Were done by men who drew their breath In ages past, I ...Rate it:

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Carl Sandburg
The mare Alix breaks the world’s trotting record one day. I see her heels flash down the dust of an Illinois race track on a summer afternoon. I se...Rate it:

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Another Child Moves On
The flowers in a still life painting never move The phonograph needle on a record album never leaves the same groove But in another town in another...Rate it:

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A Ballad Of Whitechapel
Isaac Rosenberg
God's mercy shines ; And our full hearts must make record of this, For grief that burst from out its dark confines Into strange sunlit bliss. I st...Rate it:

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Brunton Stephens
James Brunton Stephens
Dedicated by special permission to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. We cried, “How long!” We sighed, “Not yet;” And still with faces dawn...Rate it:

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From: Time In The Rock
Conrad Potter Aiken
XXIV If one voice, not another, must speak first, out of the silence, the stillness, the preceding— speaking clearly, speaking slowly, measuring ...Rate it:

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In The Garret
Louisa May Alcott
Four little chests all in a row, Dim with dust, and worn by time, All fashioned and filled, long ago, By children now in their prime. Four little k...Rate it:

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Morte D'Arthur
Alfred Lord Tennyson
So all day long the noise of battle roll'd Among the mountains by the winter sea; Until King Arthur's table, man by man, Had fallen in Lyonne...Rate it:

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Of Judgement
John Bunyan
As 'tis appointed men should die, So judgment is the next That meets them most assuredly; For so saith holy text. Wherefore of judgment I shall no...Rate it:

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On Revisiting Harrow
George Gordon Lord Byron
Here once engaged the stranger's view Young Friendship's record simply traced; Few were her words; but yet, though few, Resentment's hand the line ...Rate it:

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Psalm 107 part 1
Isaac Watts
Israel led to Canaan, and Christians to heaven. Give thanks to God; he reigns above; Kind are his thoughts, his name is Love; His mercy ages past ...Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
O Mother State! the winds of March Blew chill o'er Auburn's Field of God, Where, slow, beneath a leaden arch Of sky, thy mourning children trod. A...Rate it:

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The Dirge Of The Winds
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The four winds of earth, the North, South, East, and West, Shrieked and groaned, sobbed and wailed, like the soul of unrest. I stood in the dusk of...Rate it:

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The Obliterate Tomb
Thomas Hardy
'More than half my life long Did they weigh me falsely, to my bitter wrong, But they all have shrunk away into the silence Like a lost song. 'And ...Rate it:

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What Think You I Take My Pen In Hand?
Walt Whitman
WHAT think you I take my pen in hand to record? The battle-ship, perfect-model'd, majestic, that I saw pass the offing to-day under...Rate it:

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Mid My Gold-Brown Curls
George Eliot
'Mid my gold-brown curls There twined a silver hair: I plucked it idly out And scarcely knew 'twas there. Coiled in my velv...Rate it:

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The Dark Horse
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Do you know this mysterious, serious Watt Who sits at the game with the cards in his sleeve; Watching and waiting While we're calculating The tric...Rate it:

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The 'Ole in the Ark
Marriott Edgar
One evening at dusk as Noah stood on his Ark, Putting green oil in starboard side lamp, His wife came along and said, 'Noah, summat's wrong, Our ca...Rate it:

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