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Readers of Riddles
Valentina I-P
flowers of thrilling To become the intimate readers of riddles of each other…Rate it:

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Preface To Ossian
James Macpherson
h not destitute of harmony, will not, to common readers, supply the absence of the frequent returnsRate it:

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An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry
Thomas Parnell
for ever bare, And Rivers stop, for ought the Readers care; They see no Branches trembling in the WRate it:

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I Write For
Ehsan Sehgal
I wish glorious wishes For my silent readers, They, who inspire courage.Rate it:

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A Classical Revival
William Schwenck Gilbert
"cram.": Periphrastic methods spurning, To my readers all discerning I admit this show of learning Rate it:

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A Dedication
Robert Burns
But when divinity comes 'cross me, My readers still are sure to lose me. So, sir, you see 'twasRate it:

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An Account Of The Greatest English Poets
Joseph Addison
in his unpolish'd strain, And tries to make his Readers laugh in vain. Old Spencer next, warm'd wiRate it:

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An Alibi
Ambrose Bierce
him and similar to her. They begged their readers to subscribe A dollar each to make a bribe That aRate it:

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An Ode In Time of Inauguration
Franklin P. Adams
But why embarras me in front of all these readers? Madison's inauguration Was a lovely celebratiRate it:

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As You Speak
Kurt Philip Behm
to listen, in the fashion that you speak Your readers may not be able to discern, those meaninRate it:

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Franklin P. Adams
demand for 'bedbooks' in England. There are readers who find in Gibbon a sedative for tired nerves;Rate it:

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Distant Storms
Kurt Philip Behm
to spray Writing above what’s forecast, with readers yet unborn My words beyond the thunder Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fourteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
I can't help scribbling once a week, Tiring old readers, nor discovering new. In youth I wrote beRate it:

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Elegy II. On Posthumous Reputation - To a Friend
William Shenstone
your name the varying style refines? And readers call their lost attention home, Led by that index Rate it:

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Fleet Strother
Ambrose Bierce
thought (and Bancroft so assures His trusting readers) it was reared in yours. Rate it:

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For Me—what Made Bryant Mcgill Truly Royal.
Nikhil Parekh
a sky of undying inspiration in each of his readers veins—imploring them every instant to gallop foRate it:

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Gotham - Book II
Charles Churchill
but, with effect to speak, Should recollect his readers may be weak; Plain, rigid truths, which saiRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - XII
Ezra Pound
even this infamy would not attract numerous readers Were there an erudite or violent passion, For tRate it:

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How the Chiefs demanded from Shirwi the Death of Khusrau Parwiz
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
that the throne beneath him was a snare, While readers of mankind saw that 'twas time For men of miRate it:

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In The Pudding
Kurt Philip Behm
The best of Poets don’t explain, their truth the readers judge The best of Poets to remain, what time will hate —or love (Dreamsleep: January, 2020)Rate it:

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Jack Honest, or the Widow and Her Son
William Topaz McGonagall
and his mother in fresh found glory, Hoping my readers will feel interested in this story, And try Rate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
shall I do ? I must write something for my readers: What has become of my ideas ? Now, out upon theRate it:

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Mr. Hammond's Parable--The Dreamer
James Whitcomb Riley
part in his books to-day-- Only the lesson the readers read.-- His mind seems sadly going astray!' Rate it:

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Nothing Left To Lose
Kurt Philip Behm
targets in sight, his focus most dear, new readers to inspire His argument made, with phrases reboRate it:

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Ode to the Sublime Porte
Thomas Moore
own -- (Chief Fallacy being, his hope to find readers); - Art. 4 - "Upon Honesty", author unkown; -Rate it:

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