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He's That Rascally Kind Of Yogi
He's that rascally kind of yogi who has no sky or earth, no hand, foot, form or shape. Where there's no market he sets up shop, weighs things and k...Rate it:

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The Nithsdale Widow and Her Son
William Topaz McGonagall
that's what you really deserve, For you and your rascally rebels ought to starve"; Then the party rRate it:

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Jackaw of Rheims, The
Richard Harris Barham
anger, and pious grief, He solemnly cursed that rascally thief! He cursed him at board, he cursed hRate it:

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Love and War
Arthur Patchett Martin
with Venus, When these Frenchmen are coming—a rascally crew!— And the Rhine only flowing betweRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
makes the water flow. RINGDIVVY: The rascally-assessment! FEEGOBBLE: The murderous assessment! Rate it:

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The Famous Speech-Maker Of England Or Baron (Alias Barren) Lovel’s Charge At The Assizes At Exon, April 5, 1710
Jonathan Swift
toss'd From pillar to post, At last vents his rascally stuff here: Which to such as are honest mustRate it:

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The Gypsy
Edward Thomas
passing grin, While his mouth-organ changed to a rascally Bacchanal dance 'Over the hills and far aRate it:

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The Jackaw of Rheims
Richard Harris Barham
and pious grief, He solemnly cursed that rascally thief! He cursed him at board, he curRate it:

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The vagabonds
Emily Pauline Johnson
you this on your thieving raids? Speak--you rascally renegades! Thieved you also away from me ORate it:

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Two Songs Rewritten For The Tune's Sake
William Butler Yeats
a friend on the earth But a thieving rascally cur -- O a beggar blind from his birth; Or anything eRate it:

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