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A Pilgrim's Way
Rudyard Kipling
are good enough for me! And when they work me random wrong, as oftentimes hath been, I will not cRate it:

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Honours - Part1
Jean Ingelow
O false my friend! False, false, a random charge, a blame undue; Wrest not fair reasoRate it:

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In a City Garden
Trumbull Stickney
The sod there shapes a different mass, The random trees stand other than I knew. No, here the PaRate it:

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On The Purple And White Carnation
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
of silk he drew, And away that arrow at random flew: Onward it sped like a ray of light, And felRate it:

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As I Ebb'd With the Ocean of Life
Walt Whitman
as much over waves floating, drifted at random, Just as much for us that soRate it:

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out today and do something random that you'd never normally do..... anything".Rate it:

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The Mortal Lease
Edith Wharton
of monster-haunted mud, And flung together by random forces stored Ere the vast void with rushing wRate it:

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Children's Games
William Carlos Williams
make use of a swinging weight with which at random to bash in the heads about them Brueghel saw Rate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
firmly hold the rein, Nor lend an ear to random cried, Or you may drive in vain, For some cry ‘QuicRate it:

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Rural Elegance, An Ode to the Late Duchess of Somerset
William Shenstone
beneath your ravage bleed, And with no random curses loads the deed. Nor yet, ye Swains! conclude Rate it:

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To Urania
Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky
down a swallow. Loneless cubes a man at random. A camel sniffs at the rail with aRate it:

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Address to the Unco Guid
Robert Burns
caff in; So ne'er a fellow creature slight For random fits o' daffin. Solomon.--Eccles. ch. vii.Rate it:

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Ode to Duty
William Wordsworth
loving freedom, and untried; No sport of every random gust, Yet being to myself a guide, Too bliRate it:

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A Christmas Eve
Victor James Daley
here, lonely hearted, Writing these random rhymes. I drink to the days departed,— Ah, God be Rate it:

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A Flower Garden At Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.
William Wordsworth
lost. And, though the jealous turf refuse By random footsteps to be prest, And feed on never-sulliRate it:

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A Footnote to a Famous Lyric
Louise Imogen Guiney
To blight our modern bays? O yet to you, whose random hand Struck from the dark whole gems like tRate it:

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A Generation Which Never Loses. We Are Generation Y
Nikhil Parekh
perverted mindset- which massacred at random in the robes of a holy priest, Out of the non-existeRate it:

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A Poet's Epitaph
William Wordsworth
In common things that round us lie Some random truths he can impart,-- The harvest of a quiet eRate it:

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A Song For Soldiers
John Boyle O'Reilly
valley. Hungrily hiss the bullets, not wasted in random firing, But every shot for a mark,—thrice Rate it:

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A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made
Aphra Behn
Hell, the Heav'n of Joy. And while I thus at random rove Despise the Fools that whine for Love. Rate it:

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Aeolian Harp, The
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
and passive brain, As wild and various, as the random gales That swell and flutter on this subject Rate it:

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Almer Mater
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Mary's chimes! Reins lay loose and the ways led random— Christ Church meadow and Iffley track, 'IdRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
As dash'd about the drunken leaves The random sunshine lighten'd! Oh, nature first was frRate it:

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An April Fool
Alfred Austin
yellow weasel-snout, As I wander the woods at random, Or I stoop stone-still, and tickle the trout,Rate it:

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An Epistle: (To N.A.)
William Watson
the best! But ill it suits this random verse The high enigmas to rehearse, And touch with desultorRate it:

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