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Brer Rabbit You's de Cutes' of 'Em All
James Weldon Johnson
de critters of creation dey was dar; Brer Rabbit, Brer 'Possum, Brer Wolf, Brer Fox, King Lion, MisRate it:

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THE BUNNY RABBIT (one for the toddlers)
Merretta D.L. Parry-Booth
THE BUNNY RABBIT. (One for the toddlers) I am a little bunny rabbit And my name is Fluff I have a little tiny tail Just like a powder puff. My br...Rate it:

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A Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts
Wallace Stevens
in the moon; And to feel that the light is a rabbit-light, In which everything is meant for you Rate it:

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Rabbit Story
James McIntyre
the tale homley, And yet full of fun, How the Rabbits did run, In numbers a score, All around his dRate it:

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The Freetrade Rabbit Pie
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I couldn't see anythink wrong With livin' on rabbits, fer rabbits was cheap, As you'll probably quiRate it:

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My Other Chinee Cook
James Brunton Stephens
he had a single virtue, and its name was rabbit pie. Now those who say the bush is dull are not soRate it:

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Market Square
Alan Alexander Milne
took my penny To the market square. I wanted a rabbit, A little brown rabbit, And I looked for a raRate it:

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The New Duckling
Alfred Noyes
webs on my toes. I want to run round like a rabbit, A rabbit as red as a rose. 'I _don't_ want to Rate it:

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Cruelty and Love
David Herbert Lawrence
the distance covers his dangerous tread. The rabbit presses back her ears, Turns back her liquidRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
down in a 'ole, I'm feelin' like I've growed a rabbit's soul.' Ole Ginger's left the 'orspital, itRate it:

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Winter's Approach
Paul Laurence Dunbar
DE sun hit shine an' de win' hit blow, Ol' Brer Rabbit be a-layin' low, He know dat de wintah time a-comin', De huntah man he walk an' wait, He wal...Rate it:

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Bateese The Lucky Man
William Henry Drummond
know Bateese don't go for not'ing dere, An' de rabbit if he 's comin' , wall! you ought to see heemRate it:

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Good-bye, and Keep Cold
Robert Frost
hill from the house. I don't want it girdled by rabbit and mouse, I don't want it dreamily nibbled Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
Delicate mother Kangaroo Sitting up there rabbit-wise, but huge, plump-weighted, And lifting her beautiful slender face, oh! so much more gently...Rate it:

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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
of the first cause. One story tells of a clever rabbit who warned the lion about another lion and sRate it:

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Morgan's Dog
Andrew Barton Paterson
lame, Sticking all day to her job, Thin as a rabbit, but game, Working in front of the mob. TrRate it:

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Nonsense Alphabet
Edward Lear
evening and morn. Quaint little quail! R was a rabbit, Who had a bad habit Of eating the flowers IRate it:

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That Half-Crown Sweep
Andrew Barton Paterson
out, You'll have to go to Bong-go-dry." Now rabbit skins were very high -- There'd been a kind Rate it:

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The Forsaken
Duncan Campbell Scott
a line of the twisted Bark of the cedar, And a rabbit-bone hook Polished and barbed; Fished with thRate it:

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The Shadow
Amy Lowell
stood gaunt behind His chair. His old cloak, rabbit-lined, Hung from a peg. The door was closed. JuRate it:

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100 Holes
Nikhil Parekh
seasonal spells of monsoon, a blend of mice, rabbit, and ant would continue to live in passionate Rate it:

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15 august XXXV
Pablo Picasso
summer weasel—the mole and the chinchilla—the rabbit and the sable weave in silence above an abandoRate it:

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Peter Simson's Farm
Edward George Dyson
a clamorous delight; Each displayed a tiny rabbit, and the farmer eyed them o’er,— Then he stamRate it:

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The Snare
James Stephens
I hear a sudden cry of pain! There is a rabbit in a snare: Now I hear the cry again, But I cannot tell from where. But I cannot tell from where He...Rate it:

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An Exile's Death
Victor Marie Hugo
to some festal haunt is going. One eats a rabbit (so they say!) And quaffs sour wine of Hungary. OnRate it:

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