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Lizette Woodworth Reese
Keep back the one word more, Nor give of your whole store; For, it may be, in Art’s sole hour of need, Lacking that word, you shall be poor indeed....Rate it:

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Robert William Service
I have no brief for gambling, nay The notion I express That money earned 's the only way To pay for happiness. With cards and dic...Rate it:

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Ne Sit Ancillae Tibi Amor Pudor
Robert Louis Stevenson
THERE'S just a twinkle in your eye That seems to say I MIGHT, if I Were only bold enough to try An arm about your waist. I hear, too, as you come a...Rate it:

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The Forgotten Army.
Alan Parry-Booth
THE FORGOTTEN ARMY. (A belated lament.) So they signed a bloody armistice In nineteen-forty-five And the soldiers all came home again Those which ...Rate it:

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George Essex Evans
Dim in the mist of ages, seeking a resting-place, Broke on the shores of Britain the wave of an Aryan race. Clear thro’ the mist of ages, ere ever ...Rate it:

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Auld Farmer's New-Year-Morning Salutation to His Auld Mare, Maggie On giving her the accustomed ripp of corn to hansel in the New-Year, The
Robert Burns
A Guide New-year I wish thee, Maggie! Hae, there's a ripp to thy auld baggie: Tho' thou's howe-backit now, an' knaggie, I've seen the day There...Rate it:

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A Commuted Sentence
Ambrose Bierce
Boruck and Waterman upon their grills In Hades lay, with many a sigh and groan, Hotly disputing, for each swore his own Were clearly keener than th...Rate it:

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A Pitcher Full Of Gold
Nikhil Parekh
I started digging soil with pickaxe of the strongest iron, loose chunks of mud flew haphazardly, coagulated sand broke into diffused cakes of bro...Rate it:

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A Song of the Pen
Andrew Barton Paterson
Not for the love of women toil we, we of the craft, Not for the people's praise; Only because our goddess made us her own and laughed, Claiming ...Rate it:

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A Toccata Of Galuppi's
Robert Browning
I. Oh Galuppi, Baldassaro, this is very sad to find! I can hardly misconceive you; it would prove me deaf and blind; But although I take your mean...Rate it:

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Acrostic -- Eliza Hughes
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
E v'ry grace in her combine, L ove and truth and friendship join, I n one source without reserve, Z ealous all her friends to serve, A nd diffuse t...Rate it:

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An American
Rudyard Kipling
The American Spirit speaks: "If the Led Striker call it a strike, Or the papers call it a war, They know not much what I am like, Nor what he...Rate it:

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An Ode : On Exodus iii. 14
Matthew Prior
On Exodus iii. 14. 'I am that I am.' Man! foolish man! Scarce know'st thou how thyself began, Scarce hadst thou thought enough to prove thou art,...Rate it:

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Avaunt All Specious Pliancy Of Mind
William Wordsworth
AVAUNT all specious pliancy of mind In men of low degree, all smooth pretence! I better like a blunt indifference, And self-respecting slowness, di...Rate it:

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Back to the Army Again
Rudyard Kipling
I'm 'ere in a ticky ulster an' a broken billycock 'at, A-layin' on the sergeant I don't know a gun from a bat; My shirt's doin' duty for jacket, my...Rate it:

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Celia To Damon
Matthew Prior
What can I say? What Arguments can prove My Truth? What Colors can describe my Love? If it's Excess and Fury be not known, In what Thy Celia has al...Rate it:

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Herman Melville
November, 1863 A kindling impulse seized the host Inspired by heaven's elastic air; Their hearts outran their General's plan, Though Grant command...Rate it:

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Deprived of other Banquet
Emily Dickinson
Deprived of other Banquet, I entertained Myself— At first—a scant nutrition— An insufficient Loaf— But grown by slender addings To so esteemed a s...Rate it:

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Did Our Best Moment last
Emily Dickinson
Did Our Best Moment last— 'Twould supersede the Heaven— A few—and they by Risk—procure— So this Sort—are not given— Except as stimulants—in Cases ...Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fourteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
If from great nature's or our own abyss Of thought we could but snatch a certainty, Perhaps mankind might find the path they miss-- But then 'tw...Rate it:

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Fortune Strikes In The Desert
Nikhil Parekh
Volumes of slippery sand escaped from my fist, parched silver mud devoured me in entirety, flaming Sunlight stripped reserve quota of energy, en...Rate it:

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France, The 18th Year Of These States
Walt Whitman
A GREAT year and place; A harsh, discordant, natal scream out-sounding, to touch the mother's heart closer than any yet. I walk...Rate it:

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Fumant Dans Le Cristal
Andre Marie de Chenier
Fumant dans le cristal, que Bacchus à longs flots Partout aille à la ronde éveiller les bons mots. Reine de mes banquets, que Lycoris y vienne; Que...Rate it:

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Gilded Gold
Francis Thompson
Thou dost to rich attire a grace, To let it deck itself with thee, And teachest pomp strange cunning ways To be thought simplicity. But lilies, sto...Rate it:

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Had You Wept
Thomas Hardy
Had you wept; had you but neared me with a frail uncertain ray, Dewy as the face of the dawn, in your large and luminous eye, Then would have come ...Rate it:

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