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A Tennyson Fragment
Robert Fuller Murray
some twist At tippence,' whom he answered with a qualm. But when they left him to himself again, TwRate it:

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All Hail To The Czar!
Alfred Austin
gave, Like Atrides of old, without shrinking or qualm, Though not that the white ships might move oRate it:

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Cherchez La Femme
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
can wake Their fear or cause the slightest qualm. But now in trembling fear they go, Such is theirRate it:

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Cito Pede Preterit Aetas
Adam Lindsay Gordon
a gallop you seem to beg, But I feel the qualm of a chilling doubt As I glance at your fav'rite legRate it:

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Lui et Elle
David Herbert Lawrence
her curved, gaping, toothless mouth, She has no qualm when she catches my finger in her steel overlRate it:

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Mr. Francis Beaumont's Letter to Ben Jonson
Francis Beaumont
yet. Filled with such moisture, in a grievous qualm, Did Robert Wisdom write his singing psalm ; Rate it:

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Obadiah Bell
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
fears stir me with the passing years, A sudden qualm, a flash of half-felt fright; But I know my liRate it:

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Robert William Service
I'll still indulge In eats I like without a qualm, And damn my diaphragm!' Rate it:

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The Epic Of The Lion
Victor Marie Hugo
loud cries and clamors! striking out Qualm to the heart of the quiet, horn and shout Causing the soRate it:

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The Minstrel ; Or, The Progress Of Genius - Book II.
James Beattie
many a sound and sight of wo annoy, And many a qualm of care his rising hopes destroy. V. Vigour fRate it:

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To an Unborn Pauper Child
Thomas Hardy
wide wold for thee, where not One tear, one qualm, Should break the calm. But I am weak as thou andRate it:

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Uriconium: an Ode
Wilfred Owen
the alarm. The Saxon shock was like Vesuvius' qualm. O ye who prate of modern art and craft . MarkRate it:

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Who Bides His Time
James Whitcomb Riley
poor his fortunes be,-- He will not fail in any qualm Of poverty -- the paltry dime It will growRate it:

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