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He Asked about the Quality
Constantine P. Cavafy
some coloured handkerchiefs. He asked about the quality of the handkerchiefs and how much they costRate it:

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To a Child of Quality, Five Years Old, 1704. The Author then Forty
Matthew Prior
look The power they have to be obey'd. Nor quality, nor reputation, Forbid me yet my flamRate it:

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To a Child of Quality, Five Years Old, the Author Suppos'd Forty
Matthew Prior
and look The pow'r they have to be obey'd. Nor quality, nor reputation, Forbid me yet my flame to Rate it:

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By A Person Of Quality.
Mary Barber
Remote from Strife, from urban Throngs, and Noise. Here dwells my Soul amidst domestic Joys: No ratling Coaches serious Thoughts annoy; Nor busy pr...Rate it:

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Quality Of The Entity
Ehsan Sehgal
Simplicity is my persona Honesty is my journey Truth is my heart and breath Trust is my relationship Fairness is my justice Humanity is my treasure...Rate it:

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Song, by a Person of Quality
Alexander Pope
I. Flutt'ring spread thy purple Pinions, Gentle Cupid, o'er my Heart; I a Slave in thy Dominions; Nature must give Way to Art. II. Mild Arcadians...Rate it:

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The Quality of Courage
Stephen Vincent Benet
Black trees against an orange sky, Trees that the wind shook terribly, Like a harsh spume along the road, Quavering up like withered arms, Writ...Rate it:

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To a Lady of Quality, Fitting Up Her Library
William Shenstone
Ah! what is science, what is art, Or what the pleasure these impart? Ye trophies, which the learn'd pursue Through endless, fruitless toils, adieu!...Rate it:

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To A Poet Of Quality. Praising The Lady Hinchinbroke
Matthew Prior
Of thy judicious Muse's sense, Young Hinchinbroke so very proud is, That Sacharissa and Hortense She looks henceforth upon as dowdies. Yet she to...Rate it:

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Upon a Visit to a Lady of Quality
William Shenstone
On fair Asteria's blissful plains, Where ever-blooming fancy reigns, How pleased we pass the winter's day, And charm the dull-eyed Spleen away! No...Rate it:

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My Heart Was Pure Indian
Nikhil Parekh
wore were colonial British; woven with exquisite quality leather, The watch on my wrists was autheRate it:

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Shine, Republic
Robinson Jeffers
The quality of these trees, green height; of the sky, shining, of water, a clear flow; of the rock, hardness And reticence: each is noble in its qu...Rate it:

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Great Are The Myths
Walt Whitman
and priests. Great is Liberty! great is Equality! I am their follower; Helmsmen of nations, cRate it:

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Body And Soul: A Metaphysical Argument
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
a material mate, Through whose gross shape and quality Alone my worth revealed may be. Yet, shall Rate it:

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Book Eleventh: France [concluded]
William Wordsworth
was in degree the same was likewise The same in quality,--that, as the worse Of the two spirits theRate it:

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Charles Churchill
sweeping onward with her peacock's tail, Quality in full plumage passes by; He views her with a fixRate it:

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Meditech Equipment Co .,Ltd (Meditech Group
Medical Equipment with top-ranking quality and outstanding reputation. As one of the leading medicaRate it:

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Walt Whitman
unstruck, Until that comes which has the quality to strike and to unclose, 10 Until that coRate it:

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All through eternity
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
ever looked upon this Universe. His every quality finds an expression: Eternity becomes the verdanRate it:

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As Sun Shines
Ehsan Sehgal
to shine Upon the universe Similarly, as such Quality subject, Requires not The acknowledgmentRate it:

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God Needs Antonio
George Eliot
as thine." "May be: they are different. His quality declines: he spoils his hand With over-drinRate it:

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Hints to Cheese Makers
James McIntyre
to Jonathan Wingle, Esq. All those who quality do prize Must study color, taste and size And keep Rate it:

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Love's Messengers.
Robert Crawford
so, fresh from her, The roughness of his quality was charmed: Love makes those lovable that deal wiRate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
hungry for healthy information, He thinks quality is mind cherishing when it comes to information, Rate it:

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The Sick Lion and the Ass
Jonathan Swift
are easy from our betters, From men of quality and letters; But when low dunces will affront, What Rate it:

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