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The Mountains Pull
Kurt Philip Behm
now hanging low against its peaks Mountains pull me onward each decision a new calling My heRate it:

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A Mixed Crew
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
fleeting friendship of the temporary pal. But pull for the shore, lads, pull for the shore. Never Rate it:

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No Power On Earth
Billy Bennett
throughout the World And no power on earth can pull it down It stands for peace and liberty where eRate it:

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The Thorkild's Song
Rudyard Kipling
white-ash breeze, Let fall for Stavenger! A long pull for Stavenger! Oh, hear the benches creak anRate it:

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Thorkild’s Song
Rudyard Kipling
white-ash breeze. Let fall for Stavanger! A long pull for Stavanger! Oh, hear the benches creak anRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
have heard the song -- how long! how long? Pull out on the trail again! Ha' done with the Rate it:

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The Long Trail
Rudyard Kipling
have heard the song -- how long? how long? Pull out on the trail again! Ha' done with the Tents of Rate it:

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James Hebblethwaite
in a row Sang all together joyously— Pull up the stakes and go! As I rode on by Eagle Hawk, Rate it:

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Black Harry's Team
Andrew Barton Paterson
put a yoke On old Black Harry's team. Pull out, pull out, at break of morn The creeks are ruRate it:

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Cairnsmill Den
Robert Fuller Murray
what was it brought her there. Says she, `To pull the primrose fair.' Says I, `Come, let me pull wRate it:

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De Stove Pipe Hole
William Henry Drummond
ketch de cole, Wall! if you give me Emmeline, I pull you out de hole.' Dat mak' de ole man swear mRate it:

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Robert Graves
yet return; Hedge the flowerbed all about, Pull or stab or cut or burn, She will ever yet returnRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
the limber, an' the Driver's Brother squeals: 'Pull up, pull up for ~Snarleyow~ -- 'is head's betweRate it:

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The Hammers
Amy Lowell
nine-pounder came and smack went his head, Pull away, pull away, pull away! I say; Rare news for myRate it:

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De Bell Of St. Michel
William Henry Drummond
I ketch de beeg, beeg trout Was very nearly pull me in before I pull heem out. An' leetle Elodie LRate it:

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The Miraculous Escape of Robert Allan, the Fireman
William Topaz McGonagall
rope to him, without any doubt, So, with a long pull and a strong pull, he was dragged out. He tRate it:

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Afloat And Ashore
Sydney Thompson Dobell
love!' 'The boats are lowered: I leap in first, Pull, boys, pull! or my heart will burst! More! moRate it:

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At the Tug-0-War
Henry Lawson
and said to me, ‘Put out your muscles, John, And pull them to eternity—your guvnor’s looking on.’ IRate it:

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Beard And Baby
Eugene Field
him who has a beard But has no little girl to pull it! When wife and I have finished tea, Our babyRate it:

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Ch 05 On Love And Youth Story 06
Sa di
before the lamp Arise to him and pull him into the assembly But if it be a suRate it:

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Inez K Hyland
Pull down the old hut, d’ye say, girls, That H.R.H. shan’t see The common place that used to do, Years by, for your mother and me? No!—not for a d...Rate it:

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Edom O' Gordon
Andrew Lang
ye, Jock, my man, I paid ye weel your fee; Why pull ye out the grund-wa'-stance, Lets in the reek tRate it:

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William Wordsworth
it! summers two I am older, Anne, than you. Pull the primrose, sister Anne! Pull as many as you Rate it:

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Gwin King of Norway
William Blake
our wives And children cry for bread; Arise, and pull the tyrant down! Let Gwin be humblèd!' GordrRate it:

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Hanover Winter Song
Richard Hovey
fellowship Oh, a God is the fire; Pull the pipes, drain the bowl. Oh, a God is the fire With a skoRate it:

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