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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
arbor shady I fall thinking of that lady And the pranks she used to play; And I'm cheered--for all Rate it:

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The Servant Girl Justified
La Fontaine
a neighbour's prying eyes Beheld their playful pranks with great surprise, She, from her window, coRate it:

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The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God
John Milton Hayes
felt inclined to tell; But for all his foolish pranks, he was worshipped in the ranks, And the ColoRate it:

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Scotch Drink
Robert Burns
Wi honest men! O Whisky! soul o' plays an pranks! Accept a Bardie's gratefu thanks! When wantiRate it:

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John Clare
if of mortal folk afraid, Keeping their joyous pranks a mystery still, Lest glaring day should do tRate it:

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A Country Pathway
James Whitcomb Riley
the other side, To gambol there a while. In pranks of hide-and-seek, as on ahead I see it running,Rate it:

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A Farm Walk
Christina Georgina Rossetti
and others, And watch the lambs leap at their pranks And butt their patient mothers. Alas, one poiRate it:

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A Frisky Lamb
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A frisky lamb And a frisky child Playing their pranks In a cowslip meadow: The sky all blue And the air all mild And the fields all sun And ...Rate it:

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Admetus: To my friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Emma Lazarus
acted as he willed, Renouncing shepherds' silly pranks and quips, Because his very presence made thRate it:

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Andrew Lang
he heard The sylvan merriment; he saw The pranks of butterfly and bird, The humors of the aRate it:

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Between Life And Death
Nikhil Parekh
evil; there lies the mischievous monkey playing pranks to appease mankind, Between the sanctimoniRate it:

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Beware the cat
William Baldwin
with spight when as the Cat gan tel: Of many pranks of popish preests, bothe foolish mad and fel. Rate it:

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Coleridge's Cristabel
Charles Harpur
its narrowed banks, Playing merry gurgling pranks, It gushes, till a channel’d stone Gives it a Rate it:

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Edwin Booth
Vachel Lindsay
who had come on riot bent. Forgot were pranks well-planned to sting. Behold there rose a ghostly kiRate it:

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Epitaphs For Two Players
Vachel Lindsay
who had come on riot bent. Forgot were pranks well-planned to sting. Behold there rose a ghostly kiRate it:

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Foundations Of The State
Ambrose Bierce
Observe, dear Lord, what lively pranks Are played by sentimental cranks! First this one mounts his hinder hoofs And brays the chimneys off the roof...Rate it:

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From The Short Story Shadow-Children
Louisa May Alcott
Nimble fairies, nimble fairies, Playing pranks in the warm glow, While I sing the nursery dittieRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
on their great affairs, Or little plays and pranks, The things and people of their world, To give hRate it:

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Growin' Gray
Paul Laurence Dunbar
ole man, you're a-gittin' gray, An' the youthful pranks 'at you used to play Are dreams of a far paRate it:

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Homer And Laertes
Walter Savage Landor
thy ear For talking what thou toldest of their pranks. Homer: They often came about me while I sleRate it:

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How Sweet It Is, When Mother Fancy Rocks
William Wordsworth
stocks, Like a bold Girl, who plays her agile pranks At Wakes and Fairs with wandering Mountebanks,Rate it:

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It Really Doesn't Matter
Nikhil Parekh
tax, It really doesn't matter if we played pranks with our aunt; presenting her with a balloon thRate it:

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 4
Christopher Smart
êáô' åõ÷çí . For the pleasantry of a cat at pranks is in the language ten thousand times over. Rate it:

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Kensington Garden
Thomas Tickell
mingling with a mortal dame, Their midnight pranks the sprightly fairies play'd On every hill, anRate it:

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Let Us Give Thanks
Hattie Howard
undaunted can look back And smile at Fortune's pranks, For this would we give thanks. If every pagRate it:

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