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To A Poet Of Quality. Praising The Lady Hinchinbroke
Matthew Prior
dear Mamma must pay her duty; She wonders, praising Wilmot's wit, Thou shouldst forget his daughterRate it:

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Coventry Patmore
let's about our neighbours chat, Well praising this, less praising that, And judging outer strangerRate it:

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At His Execution
Rudyard Kipling
to all men-- In City or Wilderness Praising the crafts they profess That some may be drawn Rate it:

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By The Waters Of Babylon
Christina Georgina Rossetti
good, O God, our God:— Thy Name will I remember, praising it, Though Thou forget me, though Thou hiRate it:

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Letter to S.S. from Mametz Wood
Robert Graves
makes you shout For want of any better way Of praising God: there’s a blue bay Shining in front,Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
were few, Softening blame where blame was true, Praising where small praise was due; For a waking Rate it:

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Kishore Karunakaran = big
Dylan G
of control, I fell to my knees Begging and praising, just such a beast. Tears coming out, sweatingRate it:

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Alice Guerin Crist
the brown tree-trunks between. And some are praising the brilliant flowers, The beauty of foliage aRate it:

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Whilst Shepherds Watch'd
Nahum Tate
Appeared a heavenly throng Of Angels praising God, and thus Address'd their joyful song: ARate it:

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The bed of Procost
Zinhom Elbadawy
it is told that Your dogs, Procost , are Praising your life, day and night And see you : TRate it:

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A Fable
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
a way that is quite improper; Yet the world is praising her, so I'm told, And I think her actions hRate it:

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A Legend of Madrid
Adam Lindsay Gordon
sittest I am gazing, These glad, misty eyes upraising, I have pray'd, and I am praising, Bless theeRate it:

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A Portrait
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
judgment scorns the homage flattery pays? But praising Amoret we cannot err, No tongue o’ervalues HRate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3.
William Cowper
devotion's dew, That she with pleasure sheds Praising her mighty Maker: And by the rays of two terrRate it:

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An Epistle Of The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole
Richard Savage
clearest lustre see, And deem aspersing others praising thee. Far from these tracks my honest laysRate it:

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An Old Story
Edwin Arlington Robinson
make me see My envy of the praise he had For praising me. I would have rid the earth of him OncRate it:

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Angels From the Realms of Glory
James Montgomery
throne. Chorus 8.4 All creation, join in praising God, the Father, Spirit, Son, Evermore your voicRate it:

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April -- North Carolina
Harriet Monroe
that the spring is here, When mocking-birds are praising The fresh, the blossomy year? Look Rate it:

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At Beauty's Bar As I Did Stand
George Gascoigne
know if I have been untrue, It was in too much praising you. ``And though this judge do make sucRate it:

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Matthew Arnold
thee, then? Say, why so mute? Forth with thy praising voice! Forth with thy flute! Loiterer! why siRate it:

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John Newton
Jesus in the way. O! methinks I hear him praising, Publishing to all around; Friends, is not my caRate it:

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Boy And the Angel, The
Robert Browning
my son: ``As well as if thy voice to-day ``Were praising God, the Pope's great way. ``This EasterRate it:

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Certain Maxims of Hafiz
Rudyard Kipling
of silver and gold, Take his money, my son, praising Allah. The kid was ordained to be sold. X. WRate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 26
Sa di
me to sleep in carelessness while they all were praising God." Yesterday at dawn Rate it:

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Conference of the Birds
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
of the Birds (Mantiq al-tair) with an invocation praising the holy Creator in which he suggested thRate it:

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