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Amours de Voyage, Canto III
Arthur Hugh Clough
Elba, Standing, uplifted, alone on the heaving poop of the vessel, Looking around on the waste ofRate it:

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A Cinque Port
John Davidson
the ship of war, In castled stern and lanterned poop, Came up with conquests on her lee, The statelRate it:

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An Exile's Farewell
Adam Lindsay Gordon
I shed them now! Against the bulwarks on the poop I lean, and watch the sun Behind the red horizonRate it:

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i hate you but
Sara Teasdale
i hate you poop you pants you eat like fat piggys you bull shit caliing me dirty names you are fat pig you fat horse your fat cow you eat grassRate it:

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L'Albatros (The Albatross)
Charles Baudelaire
seas. Scarce have these birds been set upon the poop, Than, awkward now, they, the sky's emperors,Rate it:

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Jesse Cochran
You reek! Go take a bath! You fart so much you poop your pants! Aw, jeez! I hear you never take a sRate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 9
Ludovico Ariosto
on the adverse shore; When, with a damsel in the poop, he spied A ready pinnace that towards him boRate it:

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The Death Of Olaf Tryggvision
Katharine Lee Bates
of slain, his last earl smitten. From the poop then sprang King Olaf, Faring on his farthest journeRate it:

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The Fifteen Acres
James Stephens
soaring, O! To group with a troop On the gusty poop While the wind behind is roaring, O! I skim andRate it:

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The Hemp
Stephen Vincent Benet
stand up toward the skies. And down from the poop of the pirate ship A body falls, and the greatRate it:

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The Three-Decker
Rudyard Kipling
far, so far above you, her tall poop-lanterns shine Unvexed by wind or weather like the candles rouRate it:

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The Walloping Window Blind
Charles Edward Carryl
will On a diet that's cheap and rude, And the poop deck shook when we dipped the cook In a tub oRate it:

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The Wreck of the Steamer London
William Topaz McGonagall
V. Brooke, Who was to be seen walking on the poop, Also clergymen, and bankers, and magistrates alsRate it:

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Wreck of the Schooner Samuel Crawford
William Topaz McGonagall
the crew were exhausted, but managed the poop to gain; And the vessel was tossed like a cork on theRate it:

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