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Dedication for a Plot of Ground
William Carlos Williams
This plot of ground facing the waters of this inlet is dedicated to the living presence of Emily Dickinson Wellcome who was born in England; ma...Rate it:

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The Garden Plot
Jonathan Swift
garden in the crown.' With that she hatch'd a plot, and made Poor Naboth answer with his head; And Rate it:

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The Plot Against the Giant
Wallace Stevens
First Girl When this yokel comes maundering, Whetting his hacker, I shall run before him, Diffusing the civilest odors Out of geraniums and unsmell...Rate it:

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Gregory Parable, LL.D.
William Schwenck Gilbert
faulty rhymes). 'Neath such a cot, built on a plot Of freehold land, dwelt MARY and Her worthy fathRate it:

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Some Account of a New Play
Richard Harris Barham
isn't dead,-- though Queen Anne is; 'Twas a 'plot' and a 'farce'-- you hate farces, you say -- TaRate it:

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An Excellent New Song Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace
Jonathan Swift
I and some others subscribed our names To a plot for expelling my master King James, I withdrew my Rate it:

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The Garden
Edith Nesbit
will grow.' Some weeds you killed, you made a plot and tilled it; 'My plot,' you said, 'rich harRate it:

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A Basket of Flowers
Adam Lindsay Gordon
. . Still bloom in the garden Green grass-plot, fresh lawn, Though pasture lands harden And dRate it:

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Aha! Beware
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
me plan. Hist! Have a care, lest I divulge the plot. I saw you forge the will! With these two eyeRate it:

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Half a Man
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
all red 'ot Into the scheme, an' leader uv the plot. 'Twas Mar Flood starts it. She got 'old uv 'iRate it:

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Joi, The Glug
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
is hot, For a birds'-eye view of the garden plot. Of course, it's rot, But they love that view of tRate it:

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New-Englands Crisis
Benjamin Tompson
fir'd? Whither some Romish Agent hatcht the plot? Or whither they themselves? appeareth not. WhitheRate it:

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Possum Trot
Paul Laurence Dunbar
no great big city, where the schemers plan an' plot, But jest a little settlement, this place calleRate it:

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The Garden of the Sea
Arthur Henry Adams
He resigns To man his choice—this rugged plot of earth, Watches man tear it with his deep canalRate it:

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The Happy Gardeners
Edward George Dyson
spade and rake we sought our special garden plot, And we 'tended to the cabbage and the shrink- Rate it:

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To A Jar Of Wine
Eugene Field
prithee, make us frisk and sing, And plot full many a naughty plot With damsels fair--nor shall we Rate it:

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From Sunset to Star Rise
Christina Georgina Rossetti
the fold, A sluggard with a thorn-choked garden plot. Take counsel, sever from my lot your lot, Rate it:

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Piel Ballad (For the King of Piel)
Graham Eccles
wicked little narrative with a twisted little plot only a small portion of the story have i gotRate it:

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To A Butterfly (2)
William Wordsworth
the trees, And calls you forth again ! This plot of orchard-ground is ours; My trees they are, my Rate it:

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You'll live, but I'll not; perhaps
Anna Akhmatova
is that. Oh, how strongly grabs us The secret plot of fate. They differently shot us: Each creaturRate it:

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An Exile's Death
Victor Marie Hugo
Of what does this poor exile dream? His garden plot, his dewy mead, Perchance his tools, perchance his team,— But ever of murdered France indeed; H...Rate it:

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Baby's Birthday
Edith Nesbit
most brightly; But some fair flowers in any plot Will spring and grow, and wither not; And such Rate it:

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Iona: The Graves Of The Kings
Robinson Jeffers
I wish not to lie here. There's hardly a plot of earth not blessed for burial, but here One might dream badly. In beautiful seas a beautiful And s...Rate it:

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At Parting II
Edith Nesbit
Ah, pity, pity me! For in my acres is no plot of ground Whereon could any garden site be found, I Rate it:

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Kail Yard Bard
Robert William Service
To lift the latch. I do not plot to pile up pelf, With jowl and belly faRate it:

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