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On The River
Paul Laurence Dunbar
killdeer echoes loud and shrill. The paddles plash, The wavelets dash, We see the summer lightningRate it:

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A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.
Sidney Lanier
Clifford Lanier. O wish that's vainer than the plash Of these wave-whimsies on the shore: "Give uRate it:

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Aleister Crowley
lightless sentinel palaces, We glide; the soft plash of the oar, that sways Our life, like love doeRate it:

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After Cawnpore
Francis Turner Palgrave
each quick volley-flash The bullets ping and plash: Yet, though the tropic noon With furnace-fury bRate it:

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An Eclogue From Virgil
Eugene Field
the flock of wood-pigeons hoarsely repining, The plash of the sacred cascade--ah, restful, indeed, Rate it:

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Andante Con Moto
William Ernest Henley
of her innumerable nests Of that first sudden plash of dawn, Clear, sapphirine, luminous, large, WhRate it:

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Autumn’s Warnings
Augusta Davies Webster
in a sigh, Replies of birds from brake to brake, Plash of the runnel on its stones, Soft voices, swRate it:

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Celestial Heights
Alfred Austin
of the wind, More near and full the torrent's plash; The swaying pine-woods murmur deep, The lightnRate it:

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I've known a Heaven, like a Tent
Emily Dickinson
Bird's far Navigation Discloses just a Hue— A plash of Oars, a Gaiety— Then swallowed up, of View. Rate it:

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In A Garden
Amy Lowell
the ferns in tunnels of stone, Where trickle and plash the fountains, Marble fountains, yellowed wiRate it:

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July Fugitive
Francis Thompson
Even Wade her rosy feet, Dawn-flakes no more plash from them To poppies 'mid the wheat. She has mudRate it:

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Henry Lawson
dart, Or one by one like scalding tears That plash upon the heart. The circles died upon the shoreRate it:

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Arthur Henry Adams
tangled, Come the tui's liquid calls And the plash of waterfalls. Land where fire from EartRate it:

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Mrs. Katherine’s Lantern
William Makepeace Thackeray
E. 'Hush! in the canal below Don't you hear the plash of oars Underneath the lantern's glow, And aRate it:

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My Namesake
John Greenleaf Whittier
cool, in summer noons, he heard The fountains plash and play. 'On all his sad or restless moods ThRate it:

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Sidney Lanier
the wondrous-varying themes As cries of men or plash of streams. Or noise of summer rain-drops rouRate it:

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On Calais Sands
Andrew Lang
Sands a little space Of silence, then the plash and spray, The sound of eager waves that ran Rate it:

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Philiper Flash
James Whitcomb Riley
Flash; Her voice was as soft as the creamy plash Of the milky wave With its musical lave That gusheRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
the fair face of the dying day: The measured plash of surf upon the shingle, The ceaseless gurgle Rate it:

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Spring-ripple of green along the way
Christopher John Brennan
Spring-ripple of green along the way, keen plash of aery waves that play, and in my heart thy dreamy smart, O distant day! Oh whisper hidden in...Rate it:

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Strict Joy
James Stephens
the sky o’ercast, and that the rain had Plashed the window, and would plash again: Seeing the summeRate it:

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The Burgomeister's Well
Isabella Valancy Crawford
pinkly flush'd, the gay bright drops Plash'd on her brow and silken dress. I took the flagon from Rate it:

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The Captain’s Well
John Greenleaf Whittier
crazed brain listened in fever dreams For plash of buckets and ripple of streams; 'And opening my Rate it:

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The Coal Picker
Amy Lowell
and paths of gold. From myrtle bowers comes the plash Of fountains, and the emerald flash Of parrotRate it:

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The Death of Artemidora
Walter Savage Landor
Unwearied, undiverted in its course, Had plash’d the water up the farther strand. Rate it:

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