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Sonnet 22: My glass shall not persuade me I am old
William Shakespeare
My glass shall not persuade me I am old So long as youth and thou are of one date; But when in thee Time's furrows I behold, Then look I death my d...Rate it:

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Walter Savage Landor
ground Perhaps he sees an ample room for war. Persuade him to restore the walls himself In honour oRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 04 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
to seek thine aid, So doth thy, so thy power persuade. XL 'And I though bred in Macon's heathenisRate it:

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I Am Still In Love
Ehsan Sehgal
distance between age, Which did not support and persuade To step towards you I decided, with extreRate it:

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Simply Colored
Tiana Bradham
and scars do not discourage me, but rather persuade me to continue because they tell a story. TheRate it:

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The White Bird
Lola Ridge
what a mighty destiny shall be yours, Should you persuade her— The Unconstrainable One Who has slidRate it:

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'Tis not that Dying hurts us so
Emily Dickinson
reluctant Crumb— We stipulate—till pitying Snows Persuade our Feathers Home. Rate it:

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A Comparison
William Cowper
they steal away, No wealth can bribe, no prayers persuade to stay; Alike irrevocable both when pastRate it:

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The Borough. Letter IV: Sects And Professions In Religion
George Crabbe
riders in a trade, And with much art exhibit and persuade. Minds are for Sects of various kinds decRate it:

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A Cheating Preacher
Ambrose Bierce
calling has estopped it. True, I did not persuade them to adopt it. But, Munhall, when you say the Rate it:

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A Man Who Would Woo a Fair Maid
William Schwenck Gilbert
methodical way, How to flatter, cajole, and persuade. He should 'prentice himself at fourteen And pRate it:

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A Reading Of Life--With The Persuader
George Meredith
in her disregard of aid Divine to conquer or persuade. A fountain jets from moss; a flower Bends geRate it:

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A Robin Will Sing
Kurt Philip Behm
Those at my behest… know that limits persuade and words orphaned alone into emptiness hide with the snow passing on a new robin will sing...Rate it:

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A Song
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Persuade me not, there is a Grace Proceeds from Silvia's Voice or Lute, Against Miranda's charming Face To make her hold the least Dispute. M...Rate it:

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Rainer Maria Rilke
a way out into the new earth. God was hard to persuade; and threatened him, instead of acceding, eRate it:

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All Hail To The Czar!
Alfred Austin
Religion could once, now can Statecraft persuade; And if ye would devote to the furies of war Half Rate it:

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An Invitation to Dafnis
Anne Kingsmill Finch
fast away, Which to prevent, he shall to peace persuade, Of strong, confederate Syllables, affraid.Rate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
but faintly guess. God help you if ambitious to persuade The fools who take opinion ready-made And Rate it:

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Blessings On Children
William Gilmore Simms
still, And the lightning gleams, a seraph, to persuade them to the hill: 'Tis a sweet and loving spRate it:

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John Burroughs
hymn. Now go and bring thy homesick bride, Persuade her here is just the place To build a home andRate it:

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Carol Of Words
Walt Whitman
has no arrangements, Does not scream, haste, persuade, threaten, promise, Makes no discriminaRate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 14
Sa di
The judge rejoined: ‘Thy intercession cannot persuade me to neglect the provision of the law.’ The Rate it:

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Chiaroscuro: Rose
Conrad Potter Aiken
I close my eyes what howlings greet me! Do not persuade. Be tranquil. Here is flesh With all its Rate it:

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Conclusion Of A Letter To The Rev. Mr. C---.
Mary Barber
Affection, take care to preserve it, Lest others persuade her, you do not deserve it. Still study tRate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
over Better to finesse than to force Better to persuade than to dictate Discretion —all meaningRate it:

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