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If Truth in Hearts That Perish
Alfred Edward Housman
If truth in hearts that perish Could move the powers on high, I think the love I bear you Should make you not to die. Sure, sure, if stedfast ...Rate it:

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I Faint, I Perish With My Love!
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I faint, I perish with my love! I grow Frail as a cloud whose [splendours] pale Under the evening's ever-changing glow: I die like mist upon the ga...Rate it:

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Soon Our Friends Perish
Robert Louis Stevenson
SOON our friends perish, Soon all we cherish Fades as days darken - goes as flowers go. Soon in December Over an ember, Lonely we hearken, as loud ...Rate it:

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Lord, Save Us, We Perish
Augustus Montague Toplady
Pilot of the soul, awake, Save us for thy mercies' sake; Now rebuke the angry deep, Save, O save thy sinking ship! Stand at the helm, our vessel s...Rate it:

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Of Hell And The Estate of Those Who Perish
John Bunyan
hus, having show'd you what I see Of heaven, I now will tell You also, after search, what be The damned wights of hell. And O, that they who read ...Rate it:

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The Broken Balance
Robinson Jeffers
have ripened your berries it is time to begin to perish. The world sickens with change, rain becomRate it:

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This Sepration Srom Thee My Love!
Rasul Mir
I can't withstand. Helpless you made me, I may perish in this grief. Love enter this dwelling, I sRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
and prepare The way for Saturn's reign. Perish shall all which takes From labor's board and can; PRate it:

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Saxon War-Song
Sir Walter Scott
as it bursts warm from the wound! All must perish! The sword cleaveth the helmet; The strong armouRate it:

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The Famine in Ireland
James Brunton Stephens
They shall not perish! Not if help can save Our hunger-stricken brethren from the grave! They shall not perish! With no impious breath We vow that ...Rate it:

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To Death
Percy Bysshe Shelley
decay; That everything, but Love, destroyed Must perish with its kindred clay,-- Perish Ambition’s Rate it:

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After a Quarrel
Alice Duer Miller
their might That love may survive or fail, or perish or win, But perish not for a trifle. That is sRate it:

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Bigotry's Victim
Percy Bysshe Shelley
when danger encroaches, Dares fearless to perish defending her brood, Though the fiercest of cloud-Rate it:

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Boadicea. An Ode
William Cowper
All the terrors of our tongues. Rome shall perish,--write that word In the blood that she has sRate it:

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Doubtful Dreams
Adam Lindsay Gordon
fades from the hills, With the fragrance of perish'd roses, With the music of parch'd-up rills. WRate it:

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Enemy Conscript
Robert William Service
leap into the fray, Fight in the old-time way, Perish beside their men, Maybe, O maybe then War wilRate it:

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Fra Pedro
Emma Lazarus
flashing. Stern his voice: 'These too shall perish. I have vowed extermination. 'Tell not me of skRate it:

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Grace Darling
William Topaz McGonagall
ten of the crew intent To save their lives, or perish in the attempt, Lowered one of the boats whilRate it:

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Richard Chenevix Trench
die. Then exclaimed the noble captive: "Lo! I perish in my thirst; Give me but one drink of wateRate it:

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Hymn To Woden
William Lisle Bowles
death! Let us lift our glittering shield, And perish, perish in the field! Now o'er Cumri's hills Rate it:

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Ivar Ingemundson's Lay
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
sayest it never? Shall they, then, all thus perish, Because the one seems absent? Wilt Thou not leRate it:

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Our Hero
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
unfaltering hand; If he failed us we must perish, Perish just in sight of land. Breathlessly we waRate it:

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
days said Hiawatha, "Lo! how all things fade and perish! From the memory of the old men Pass away tRate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
fear not the grave, My dearest Adolphus I’d perish to save'-- 'Nay seek not to say that thy love sRate it:

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Rhomboidal Dirge
George Wither
fatal time, Dost thou constrain that I Should perish in my youth's sweet prime? I, but awhile ago, Rate it:

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