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Robert William Service
woodland I will pray: "God save us from Perfection!" Rate it:

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Roderic Quinn
sweet in shape, and scent, and hue, Perfection lacks. To gain it were to crown one's toil And set tRate it:

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Perfection Born
Kurt Philip Behm
past, and future scorned A timeless present, —perfection born (Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 201Rate it:

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Nature in Perfection
Richard Savage
Mater ait, tacta est dea Nomine Matris. Ovid --- Utinam modo dicere Possem Carmina digna dea, certe est dea carmine digna. Virgil Let hireling...Rate it:

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Georg Trakl
My brother, let us go more silent! The streets darken placidly. In the distance flags probably gleam and wave, However, brother, let us be alone...Rate it:

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Steve Jobs (The Inhumanity Of Perfection)
Kurt Philip Behm
Mesmerized by his own success A tiger lay stalking inside An eighth world wonder built deeply in sand His achievements cried for him ...Rate it:

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The Habit of Perfection
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Elected Silence, sing to me And beat upon my whorlèd ear, Pipe me to pastures still and be The music that I care to hear. Shape nothing, lips; ...Rate it:

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Epithalamion Made At Lincoln's Inn
John Donne
go gladder than you came ; To-day put on perfection, and a woman's name. Daughters of London, youRate it:

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Donna Mi Prega
Ezra Pound
of it kindleth not. It is not virtu, but perfection's source Lying within perfection postulate NotRate it:

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Psalm 119 part 7
Isaac Watts
Imperfection of nature, and perfection of scripture. ver. 96, paraphrased. Let all the heathen writers join To form one perfect book; Great God!...Rate it:

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Ainsi Va le Monde
Mary Darby Robinson
with smiles the Muse's glorious toil, And plant perfection on her native soil: The Arts, that throRate it:

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At The Feast
Edith Nesbit
what a price we have to pay, We must obtain perfection, and no less-- Perfection in our luxuriesRate it:

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Isaac Rosenberg
in Christ, The seed be buried to live to green. Perfection must begin from worst. Christ perceives Rate it:

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Lascelles Abercrombie
for beauty and I longed for rest, And now I have perfection: nay, I am perfection: I am nothing, I Rate it:

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Christopher Marlowe
not for thy sweet modesty, Which makes thee in perfection's throne to sit. I love thee not for thy Rate it:

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Introductory 02
Sa di
exchange, cannot be ascribed to his virtue and perfection, but the lord of the world, the axis of tRate it:

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Lost Star
Rabindranath Tagore
in the sky and sang `Oh, the picture of perfection! the joy unalloyed!' But one cried of a suddeRate it:

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The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm
Wallace Stevens
is true, to whom The summer night is like a perfection of thought. The house was quiet because it Rate it:

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The Ideal And The Actual Life
Friedrich Schiller
Into the realm of the ideal! Here, bathed, perfection, in thy purest ray, Free from the clogs and Rate it:

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The Sisters' Tragedy
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I help but love? And you-- AGLÄE. At this perfection did I worship too . . . 'T was this that stRate it:

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Deborrah Ann Stenberg
comes from our sons and daughters. Perfection is a natural conclusion. Music is the key to relaxatiRate it:

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All through eternity
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
and leaf and fruit Reveals an aspect of His perfection- They cypress give hint of His majesty, The Rate it:

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An American to France
Alice Duer Miller
that in a bygone day We sought of you art, wit, perfection, style; You were to us a playground andRate it:

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Rabbi Ben Ezra
Robert Browning
use: I own the Past profuse Of power each side, perfection every turn: Eyes, ears took in their dolRate it:

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Report on Tait's Lecture on Force
James Clerk Maxwell
nonsense, to a scientific swing Drilled to perfection? That small word "Force," they make a barber’Rate it:

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