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The Perfect Playmate
Katharine Tynan
Bellingham. Before Ypres, March 4th, 1915 The Perfect Playmate, whither does he stray That now no Rate it:

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One Perfect Rose
Dorothy Parker
pure, with scented dew still wet - One perfect rose. I knew the language of the floweret; 'My fragRate it:

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This Is A Perfect World
Brenden Pettingill
This is a perfect world A world that although not perfectly round, although it seemingly wobbles like a top in its uneasiness and discontent with i...Rate it:

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A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned
Franklin P. Adams
(The man who wants the perfect wife should marry a 'stock-size.' She comes cheaper.-_London Chronicle_.) Ah, Myrtilla, woe and dear me! Lackaday...Rate it:

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Perfect Union
Mathilde Blind
out beyond life's harbour bar, He whispered, 'Perfect! no one knows How perfect!' and his eyes did Rate it:

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He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty
William Butler Yeats
poets labouring all their days To build a perfect beauty in rhyme Are overthrown by a woman's gaze Rate it:

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not perfect
ashley gelsinger
I know no bodys perfect, I even no i'm not everyone makes mistakes and looses what they want, I no I messed up everything with the stupid things I ...Rate it:

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A Perfect Sonnet
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Oh, for a perfect sonnet of all time! Wild music, heralding immortal hopes, Strikes the bold prelude. To it from each clime, Like tropic birds on s...Rate it:

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A Perfect Strain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
harp, And bid the minstrel sing; And let it be a perfect strain That round the hall shall ring: A sRate it:

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Perfect Love
Archibald Lampman
deepen with us till both heads be grey. For perfect love is like a fair green plant, That fades noRate it:

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Perfect Woman
William Wordsworth
Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill; A perfect Woman, nobly plann'd, To warn, to comfort, Rate it:

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The Perfect Present
Arthur Henry Adams
I am content To cull this blossom of one perfect hour— To snatch one star from Time's deep firmRate it:

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Song of Perfect Propriety
Dorothy Parker
Oh, I should like to ride the seas, A roaring buccaneer; A cutlass banging at my knees, A dirk behind my ear. And when my captives' chains would cl...Rate it:

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The Perfect Day
Katharine Lee Bates
GOD made a day of blue and gold, Sweet as a violet, As merry as a marigold; It may be shining yet In some blest vale, some dreamy dell Among the he...Rate it:

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The Perfect Marriage
Vachel Lindsay
I I hate this yoke; for the world's sake here put it on: Knowing 'twill weigh as much on you till life is gone. Knowing you love your freedom dear...Rate it:

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The Perfect Sacrifice
William Cowper
I place an offering at thy shrine, From taint and blemish clear, Simple and pure in its design, Of all that I hold dear. I yield thee back thy gif...Rate it:

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Frederick George Scott
Of what will come and what has gone. A perfect whole, a perfect plan, 25 Ay, doubtless, in tRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
lies dreaming; But who shall tell the dream? A perfect sunlight On rustling forest tips; Or perfectRate it:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti
lies dreaming; But who shall tell the dream? A perfect sunlight On rustling forest tips; Or perfecRate it:

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Emblems of Love
Lascelles Abercrombie
trembling, was desire to know Its own perfect beauty; and it became A cloven fire, a douRate it:

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Ballad XII
Christine de Pizan
first the bond hath knit, For I am filled with perfect joy from it. Since I yielded to thy sway Rate it:

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Our Canal
Harriet Monroe
prodigy powerful, delicate, sentient, wise, Perfect in strange completeness, strong to obey, StroRate it:

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All Is Truth
Walt Whitman
that the universe does.) Where has fail'd a perfect return, indifferent of lies or the truth? Rate it:

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Great Are The Myths
Walt Whitman
For justice are the grand natural lawyers, and perfect judges--is it in their Souls; Rate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
his eyes had plac'd A goodly pattern, to whose perfect mould He fashion'd them as comely as he coulRate it:

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