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Once I Pass'd Through A Populous City
Walt Whitman
ONCE I pass'd through a populous city, imprinting my brain, for future use, with its shows, architecture, customs, and tradit...Rate it:

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Through the strait pass of suffering
Emily Dickinson
Through the strait pass of suffering— The Martyrs—even—trod. Their feet—upon Temptations— Their faces—upon God— A stately—shriven—Company— Con vul...Rate it:

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Through lane it lay—through bramble
Emily Dickinson
Through lane it lay—through bramble— Through clearing and through wood— Banditti often passed us Upon the lonely road. The wolf came peering curio...Rate it:

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Through time, through sorrow
Raynolds Moseamedi
Again we fell in love Brought to justice by the color of your eyes caught up in the moment of silence Driven by enthusiasm I forgot how you left E...Rate it:

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The Heathen Pass-ee
Arthur Clement Hilton
Which I wish to remark, And my language is plain, That for plots that are dark And not always in vain, The heathen Pass-ee is peculiar, And the sam...Rate it:

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At crow's nest pass
Emily Pauline Johnson
At Crow's Nest Pass the mountains rend Themselves apart, the rivers wend A lawless course about their feet, And breaking into torrents beat I...Rate it:

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Old Spookses' Pass
Isabella Valancy Crawford
I. WE'D camped that night on Yaller Bull Flat,-- Thar was Possum Billy, an' Tom, an' me. Right smart at throwin' a lariat Was t...Rate it:

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As Time One Day by me did Pass
Henry Vaughan
AS Time one day by me did pass, Through a large dusky glass He held, I chanc'd to look, And spied his cur...Rate it:

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The Pass Of The Sierra
John Greenleaf Whittier
ALL night above their rocky bed They saw the stars march slow; The wild Sierra overhead, The desert's death below. The Indian from his lodge of bar...Rate it:

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Things of great worth shall come to pass...
Boris Pasternak
Things of great worth shall come to pass By true foreknowledge and in fact,— Names worthier than mine in fame And words which earned me men's estee...Rate it:

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All That Pass By, to Jesus Draw Near
Charles Wesley
All that pass by, To Jesus draw near, He utters a cry, Ye sinners, give ear! From hell to retrieve you He spreads out his hands; Now, now to receiv...Rate it:

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On Fields O'er Which the Reaper's Hand Has Pass'd
Henry David Thoreau
On fields o'er which the reaper's hand has pass'd Lit by the harvest moon and autumn sun, My thoughts like stubble floating in the wind And of s...Rate it:

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Each morning I pass on my way to work
Lesbia Harford
Each morning I pass on my way to work A clock in a tower And I look towards it with anxious eyes To make sure of the hour. But the sun gets up ...Rate it:

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Hymn III: All That Pass By, to Jesus Draw Near
John Wesley
All that pass by, To Jesus draw near, He utters a cry, Ye sinners, give ear! From hell to retrieve you He spreads out his hands; Now, now to receiv...Rate it:

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The Impossible Pass
The pundits have taken A highway that takes them away, and they're gone. Kabir has climbed to The impossible pass of Ram and st...Rate it:

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The Simplon Pass
William Wordsworth
------Brook and road Were fellow-travellers in this gloomy Pass, And with them did we journey several hours At a slow step. The immeasurable hei...Rate it:

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There Pass the Careless People
Alfred Edward Housman
There pass the careless people That call their souls their own: Here by the road I loiter, How idle and alone. Ah, past the plunge of plummet,...Rate it:

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We May Never Pass This Way
Mario William Vitale
the close of the day out on the patio we stare at the wall covered from the mere notion of regret there is a deeper meaning in this place to equate...Rate it:

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The Legend Of A Pass Christian
Harriet Monroe
A Live-oak grows by the shallow sea. Rest under its boughs, I pray, And hear of the pirate—bold was he— And the lady he stole away. He was a bla...Rate it:

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Last Pass
Kurt Philip Behm
In the end we’re all mortal In the end we all die The end but a portal Through which —we must fly (Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2018)Rate it:

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Even This Will Pass Away
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Touched with the delicate green of early May, Or later, when the rose uplifts her face, The world hangs glittering in starry space, Fresh as a j...Rate it:

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In A Pass of Bavaria
Richard Chenevix Trench
A sound of many waters!--now I know To what was likened the large utterance sent By Him who mid the golden lampads went: Innumerable streams, ab...Rate it:

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In The Pass Of Killicranky
William Wordsworth
SIX thousand veterans practised in war's game, Tried men, at Killicranky were arrayed Against an equal host that wore the plaid, Shepherds and herd...Rate it:

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In the St. Gotthardt Pass
Mathilde Blind
The storm which shook the silence of the hills And sleeping pinnacles of ancient snow Went muttering off in one last thunder throe Mixed with a ...Rate it:

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Ships that Pass in the Night
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Out in the sky the great dark clouds are massing; I look far out into the pregnant night, Where I can hear the solemn booming gun And cat...Rate it:

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