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The Lord of Burleigh
Alfred Lord Tennyson
And I love thee more than life.' They by parks and lodges going See the lordly castlRate it:

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of my skin prevents me from being me. Like Rosa Parks said "knowing what must be done does away witRate it:

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Initial Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
up and down the coast, In hamlets, palaces, and parks, And told the truant by his marks, Golden curRate it:

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The Kingfisher
William Henry Davies
glorious hues, Live with proud peacocks in green parks; On lawns as smooth as shining glass, Let evRate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
rills. Up!—If thou knew'st who calls To twilight parks of beech and pine, High over the river interRate it:

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'I Dips me Lid'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the Bridge from Dame Macquarrie's Chair Then parks me frame, an' gits to thinkin' there- Thinkin' oRate it:

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4 Inevitable Dangers of Fake ESA Letter
Jacob Janner
for animal-friendly places like restaurants and parks. You will have to keep your ESA letter everyRate it:

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A Slice Of Wedding Cake
Robert Graves
dirty, sly, For whose appearance even in City parks Excuses must be made to casual passers-by. HasRate it:

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A Spring Song
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
little birds is chirpin' in the nest, The parks an' gardings is a bosker sight, Where smilin' taRate it:

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An Epistle: (To N.A.)
William Watson
thoughts, save of the dead, preclude,-- The parks a puddle of tropic rains,-- Clubland a pensive soRate it:

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Australia's Peril
Henry Lawson
depends on her fleet? Who, because of the deer-parks and game-runs where her wheat-fields and pastuRate it:

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Baby Vamps
Carl Sandburg
rinks, in the summer at the roller coaster parks, Wherever figure eights are carved, by skates in wRate it:

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Behold! I am not one that goes to Lectures…
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
the end is something. I loll in the Parks, I go to the wicket, I swipe. I see twenty-two young men Rate it:

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De Tea Fabula
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
'If dress-coats is the game And pow-wow in the Parks, Then I 'm nuts on Sordello and Hohenstiel-Rate it:

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Earth's Oldest Show
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Not in our public parks, for private gain. This centuries-old precursor of all dramas That lured babes in old Italy and Spain To plague for pence t...Rate it:

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Forsaking All Others Part 3
Alice Duer Miller
is much to say For love in New York in May­ Parks set in tulip beds, Yellows and whites and reds, JRate it:

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From early dawn the thirtieth of April...
Boris Pasternak
walking Will skirt the grass in gardens and in parks, The moon at nightfall sink into the pavementsRate it:

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Give Me a Lass with a Lump of Land
Allan Ramsay
Love tips his arrows with woods and parks, 22 And castles, and riggs, and moors, and meadowRate it:

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Impressions Of Francois-Marie Arouet (De Voltaire)
Ezra Pound
driven me out from the fine plaisaunces, The parks with the swards all over dew, And grass going gRate it:

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In everything I seek to grasp...
Boris Pasternak
Chopin once in his etudes Miraculously conjured Parks, groves, graves and solitudes- A living wondeRate it:

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In Nunhead Cemetary
Charlotte Mary Mew
Spring With the birds that go a-gypsying In the parks till the blue seas call. And next to these, yRate it:

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Landscape of a Vomiting Multitude
Federico García Lorca
the crowds from the ships, taverns, and parks. Vomit was delicately shaking its drums among a few lRate it:

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Amy Lowell
they sell kites and marbles, You are of great parks where every one walks and nobody is at home. Rate it:

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John Davidson
smoke Enwreathing abbey, tower, and palace, The parks, the squares, the thoroughfares, The million-Rate it:

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London Types:Life-Guardsman
William Ernest Henley
of the Milliner, Envy of the Line, Star of the Parks, jack-booted, sworded, helmed, He sits betweRate it:

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