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I am a Parcel of Vain Strivings Tied
Henry David Thoreau
I am a parcel of vain strivings tied By a chance bond together, Dangling this way and that, their links Were made so loose and wide, Methinks, For ...Rate it:

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Warning to Children
Robert Graves
acres of dominoes, Where a neat brown paper parcel Tempts you to untie the string. In the parcel a Rate it:

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Fareweel To A'Our Scottish Fame
Robert Burns
mark where England's province stands— Such a parcel of rogues in a nation! What force or guile coRate it:

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Anna Akhmatova
life would do with you - That you would stand, parcel in hand, Beneath the Crosses (3), three hundrRate it:

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The Barefoot Boy
John Greenleaf Whittier
walks, Face to face with her he talks, Part and parcel of her joy, - Blessings on the barefoot boy!Rate it:

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The Past
Henry Timrod
something never to be put aside, A part and parcel of thy present life. Not as a distant and a darRate it:

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A New Year’s Gift For Bec
Jonathan Swift
displays the new-year's gift. First, this large parcel brings you tidings Of our good Dean's eternaRate it:

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A Psalm Of Councel
Joseph Furphy
lot, And ripe for wiping off the slate. A parcel of anointed skunks; A crowd that views its workRate it:

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Albert Down Under
Marriott Edgar
a subscription they made, Sent him back as a “Parcel for Britain”, Carriage forward, and all ex'sRate it:

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Are Ye Right, There, Michael?
William Percy French
there, Michael, are ye right? Have ye got the parcel there for Mrs. White? Ye haven't, oh begorra, Rate it:

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Walter de la Mare
you,” And wished him a good-day; And with his parcel ‘neath his arm He slowly moved away. Rate it:

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Elf Shot
James McIntyre
fate. But town he reached, and neath his vest He parcel pressed beneath his vest ; The poney now heRate it:

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Exequy on his Wife
Henry King
look Thou write into thy Doomsday book Each parcel of this rarity Which in thy casket shrined doth Rate it:

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Gilded Gold
Francis Thompson
Maker seemly garniture, Of its own essence parcel pure, - From grave simplicities a dress, And retiRate it:

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God's World
Boris Pasternak
road through the forest the post-girl Hands a parcel and letters to me. By the trail of the cats aRate it:

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I cried at Pity—not at Pain
Emily Dickinson
sometimes hear "Rich people" buy And see the Parcel rolled— And carried, I supposed—to Heaven, For Rate it:

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In Ampezzo
Trumbull Stickney
picked this little--in my hand that trembles-- Parcel of columbines. Rate it:

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Sidney Lanier
about Some maggot politician throng Swarming to parcel out The body of a land, and rout The maw-conRate it:

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Love (I)
George Herbert
that beautie which can never fade; How hath man parcel’d out thy glorious name, And thrown it on thRate it:

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Love's Chastening
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Grief he spake, 'What right hast thou To part or parcel of this heart?' Grief's brow Was darkened wRate it:

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Morituri Salutamus: Poem for the Fiftieth Anniversary of th
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
complete and without flaw, Were part and parcel of great Nature's law; Who said not to their Rate it:

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My Lady’s Lamantation And Complaint Against The Dean
Jonathan Swift
labourers bantering, Among his colleagues, A parcel of Teagues, Whom he brings in among us And bribRate it:

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My Triumph
John Greenleaf Whittier
far off blown, Your triumph is my own! Parcel and part of all, I keep the festival, Fore-reachRate it:

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New Prince New Pomp
Robert Southwell
This crib his chair of state, The beasts are parcel of his pomp, The wooden dish his plate. Rate it:

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Only A Sod
Henry Lawson
it tingle and smart. It’s only a sod, but it’s parcel and part Of strugglin’, sufferin’ Erin. It’Rate it:

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