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The Source Of Origin.
Liam Ó Comáin
The Source Of Origin. The source of origin Referred to in our language As ‘God’- the eternal artist! Who because of his ability Ensured a reality ...Rate it:

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On Being Asked What Was The 'Origin Of Love'
George Gordon Lord Byron
The 'Origin of Love!'--Ah why That cruel question ask of me, When thou may'st read in many an eye He starts to life on seeing thee? And should'st ...Rate it:

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The Origin of Trades
kindred with the god of day, Few that celestial origin display. From parents each his taste and turRate it:

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Impromptu Lines Addressed To His Cousin, Mrs. Creed, In A Conversation After Dinner On The Origin Of Names
John Dryden
So much religion in your name doth dwell, Your soul must needs with piety excel. Thus names, like well-wrought pictures drawn of old, Their owners'...Rate it:

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Origin Of The Liquor Dealer
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The devil in hell gave a festival, And he called his imps from their wine- Called them up from the ruddy cup, And marshalled them into line. And ea...Rate it:

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The Origin
Kurt Philip Behm
The speed of a photon, the steps of a man The truth pointing inward —where forever began (Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)Rate it:

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The Origin of Cupid -- A Fable
Mary Darby Robinson
ON IDA'S mount the gods were met, A sportive, jolly, noisy set, Resolving nectar bowls to quaff, To revel, riot, sing and laugh; For gods will ...Rate it:

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The Origin Of Death
Anonymous Americas
In the Day ere Man came, In the Morning of Life, They came together The Father, the Mother, Debating. 'Forever they shall live, 'Our Childre...Rate it:

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The Origin Of Flattery
Charlotte Smith
WHEN Jove, in anger to the sons of the earth, Bid artful Vulcan give Pandora birth, And sent the fatal gift which spread below O'er all the wretche...Rate it:

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The Origin of the Harp
Thomas Moore
Tis believed that this Harp, which I wake now for thee Was a Siren of old, who sung under the sea; And who often, at eve, through the bright wate...Rate it:

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The Origin of the Sail
Amelia Opie
"Sweet maid! on whom my wishes rest, My morning thought, my midnight dream, O grant Lysander's fond request, And let those eyes with mercy beam! "...Rate it:

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The Troubadour. Canto 1 B (Eva's origin)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
LORD AMIRALD , (thus the tale was told), The former lord of the castle-hold,— LORD AMIRALD had followed the chase Till he was first and last in the...Rate it:

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Liam Comáin
appear To be unaware that their opinion Must originate from somewhere Or they would not have it. ~ Rate it:

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Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 36
Sa di
capacity is thrown away. Ashes are of high origin because the nature of fire is superior, but as thRate it:

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Liam Comáin
is! ~ Thus, ‘am’ and ‘are’ Implies origin - God is our Source Of origin! ~ WitRate it:

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A Son of the Soil
James Brunton Stephens
skin first felt the chill of mundane airs, If my origin was here, in this alluvium procreative WhosRate it:

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A Border Burn
Alfred Austin
by your wayward course Your mingled origin; ``Why, in a scene so fair as this, Not linger while yoRate it:

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A Fable
Jane Taylor
best philosopher could never quite Its origin and essence bring to light ; But you, they say, by soRate it:

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A poem on divine revelation
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
constrain'd by the eternal truth Confess'd its origin and hail'd its rise, Fresh as a star from JRate it:

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A poem, on the rising glory of America
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
a savage race of men. How shall we know their origin, how tell, From whence or where the Indian tRate it:

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Ad Cattonum
Ambrose Bierce
cats, and hinting kittens, too!) Points to an origin-perhaps Maltese, Perhaps Angoran-where the wicRate it:

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All Blood Is Passionate Red.
Nikhil Parekh
impossible for you to trace back its individual origin once you amalgamated the same into an unassRate it:

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An Elective Course
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
leave it to the addle-pated To guess how pinks originated, As if it mattered! The chief thing IsRate it:

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An Unfortunate Likeness
William Schwenck Gilbert
brow - these eyeballs too, Have always been the origin Of all the woes I ever knew! "If to the plaRate it:

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An Unmerry Christmas
Ambrose Bierce
the taker's gratitude. Since thus the Gift its origin derives (How much of its first character survRate it:

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