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Le Flambeau Vivant (The Living Torch)
Charles Baudelaire
They are my servants, and I am their slave, Obedient in whatever they instruct me. Delightful eyRate it:

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Tale XIX
George Crabbe
both senses was a ready knave; Knave as of old obedient, keen, and quick, Knave as of present, skilRate it:

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The Double Vision Of Michael Robartes
William Butler Yeats
wire-jointed jaws and limbs of wood, Themselves obedient, Knowing not evil and good; Obedient to soRate it:

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A Bad Night
Ambrose Bierce
the rights we come to celebrate Obedient to the Inspired Hag- The seventh daughter of the seventh dRate it:

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Princess Of Love Dynasty
Ehsan Sehgal
I have made myself The obedient to patience, And the waiting Of my time That I don't know yet When comes The patience and waiting Though both are v...Rate it:

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The Bread Of Angels
Edith Wharton
ordered course At the same hour crossed mine: obedient shades Cast by some high-orbed pity on theRate it:

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You and You
Edith Wharton
his job to do. Every one of you won the war, Obedient, unwearied, unknown, Dung in the trenchesRate it:

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The Wind's Royalty
William Wilfred Campbell
wide in vagrant mirth, His courtier clouds obedient to his mind; Or when he sleeps his sentinal staRate it:

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This Trip
Carla Wilkinson
my love for you Lord, I did my best to be obedient to you, And you continued to show me that regardRate it:

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Invocation To The Muses
Edna St. Vincent Millay
a man and still is warm— Transferring his obedient limbs into the shallow grave where not again a fRate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
tell What in the Eternal standeth well, And what obedient nature can,— Is this colossal talisman KiRate it:

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A Fairy Tale
Amy Lowell
all who bear it, and the power Of making words obedient. This is much; But overshadowing all is sRate it:

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A Hymn of The Sea
William Cullen Bryant
o'er his face, Moves o'er it evermore. The obedient waves To its strong motion roll, and rise and fRate it:

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A Lay Of Old Time
John Greenleaf Whittier
away. The pilgrims of the world went forth Obedient to the word, And found where'er they tilled thRate it:

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A Legend of Service
Henry Van Dyke
of his Lord's commands; Then drew one breath, obedient and elate, And passed, the self-same hour, tRate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book III
Edward Young
the vale, and laid the mountain low, And taught obedient rivers where to flow; Who with vast fleetsRate it:

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A Poet's Father
Ambrose Bierce
writhed and squeaked between the teeth is dumb; Obedient to his will the dunce-cap flies To perch uRate it:

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A Voice From The Factories
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
the wholesome slumbers of its bed, And mime, obedient to the public will. Where is the heart so cRate it:

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After Sunset
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
all space--the thunder quire Of praise--the obedient lightnings' lambent gleam Around the unseen Rate it:

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Anonymous Americas
away A lamp—extinguishing its ray. The youth obedient instant hied, When fruits luxuriant met his Rate it:

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An Eclogue
Thomas Parnell
Cows unfeeding near the cottage stand, By turns obedient to the Milkers hand, Or loytring stretch bRate it:

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An Elegy, To an Old Beauty
Thomas Parnell
row'd with pearl, You'll find your Fanny an obedient girl. So for the rest, with less incumbrancRate it:

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An EPITAPH On my dear and ever honoured Mother Mrs. Dorothy Dudley, who deceased Decemb. 27. 1643. a
Anne Bradstreet
Matron of unspotted life, A loving Mother and obedient wife, A friendly Neighbor, pitiful to poor, Rate it:

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An Ode - Inscribed To The Memory Of The Hon. Colonel George Villiers
Matthew Prior
act subservient to the tyrant's power; And when obedient Nature knows his will A fly, a grape-stoneRate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Go! obedient to my call, Turn to profit thy young days, Wiser make betimes thy breast In Fate's balance as it sways, Seldom is the cock at re...Rate it:

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