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Beyond The Nearest Star
Kurt Philip Behm
far Who waits for you rewoken, —just beyond the nearest star (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 20Rate it:

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The Fountain Leaps as if its Nearest Goal
Helen Hunt Jackson
The fountain leaps as if its nearest goal Were sky, and shines as if its life were light. No crystal prism flashes on our sight Such radiant splend...Rate it:

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The nearest dream recedes, unrealized.
Emily Dickinson
The nearest dream recedes, unrealized. The heaven we chase Like the June bee Before the school-boy Invites the race; Stoop...Rate it:

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Henry Lawson
river, And they found within the pocket that was nearest to his breast— Just an antidote for sorrowRate it:

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All Saints
Edith Wharton
of the forgiven, Though so distant wheels the nearest crystal dome, And the spheres are seven. AreRate it:

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The Lamentation Of The Old Pensioner
William Butler Yeats
from the rain Under a broken tree, My chair was nearest to the fire In every company That talked ofRate it:

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Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?
Thomas Hardy
who is digging on my grave, My nearest dearest kin?" -- "Ah, no: they sit and think, 'WRate it:

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A Sight In Camp
Walt Whitman
Then with light fingers I from the face of the nearest, the first, just lift the blanketRate it:

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On The Death Of Mr. Robert Levet, A Practiser In Physic
Samuel Johnson
at once the vital chain, And freed his soul the nearest way. Rate it:

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Hyperion. Book II
John Keats
with open mouth And eyes at horrid working. Nearest him Asia, born of most enormous Caf, Who cost hRate it:

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A Farewell To Tobacco
Charles Lamb
as men, constrain'd to part With what's nearest to their heart, While their sorrow's at the height,Rate it:

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'A Gallant Gentleman'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
on the mound uv sand Above 'im. 'Twus the nearest thing in reach To golden wattle uv 'is native lRate it:

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A Defence Of English Spring
Alfred Austin
Now plunge at once with me Into the nearest copse you see. The boles are brown, the branches gray, Rate it:

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A Farmhouse Dirge
Alfred Austin
more, had forgotten death and fear, That the nearest thing unto woe on earth was the smile of an ApRate it:

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A Flight of Wild Ducks
Charles Harpur
it comes again Sweeping and swarming round the nearest point! And first now, a swift airy rush is hRate it:

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A Love Letter
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Dearest! You know you ever ARE the nearest To my fond heart. Joking apart, I swear, by all the silly stars above you, Darling, I love you! ... I r...Rate it:

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A Married Coquette
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
and, in desperate fashion, Will drag whoever is nearest him down. Though the strings of his heart Rate it:

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A Meditation
Herman Melville
then could bring, He cried to them who nearest were, And out there came 'mid howling shot and shellRate it:

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A Problem in Dynamics
James Clerk Maxwell
tension, and T + dT The same for the end that is nearest to B. Let a be put, by a common conventionRate it:

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A Servant When He Reigneth
Rudyard Kipling
is easy boken, He fears his fellow-kind. The nearest mob will move him To break the pledge he gave Rate it:

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Adrift! A little boat adrift!
Emily Dickinson
down! Will no one guide a little boat Unto the nearest town? So Sailors say—on yesterday— Just as Rate it:

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An Ode to Antares
Alan Seeger
that lie afar Betwixt the outmost cloud and the nearest star. Like the moon, sanguine in the oriRate it:

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Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
John Dryden
all was Britain the wide ocean saw. 23 To nearest ports their shatter'd ships repair, Where by ouRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
in courts or slums, He will do in gladness his nearest duty: He will teach the religion of love andRate it:

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Babs Malone
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
How the father drove his spurs into the nearest saddle-horse! What to do he had no notion; For yRate it:

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