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as blood spills and spoil… Vile! Turned! As can nasty be evil, scorched land Cultural thievery doRate it:

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Pharaoh and the Sergeant
Rudyard Kipling
let my people go!" (England used 'em cheap and nasty from the start), And they entered 'em in battlRate it:

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Deborrah Ann Stenberg
and movement. Energy is constantly flowing. Nasty is ugly no matter how it's displayed. Play niceRate it:

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Albert and the Lion
Marriott Edgar
keeper was quite nice about it; He said 'What a nasty mishap. Are you sure that it's your boy he's Rate it:

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break free the only way he feels. Life can be nasty and life can be cruel, drive's nothing if you Rate it:

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Hilaire Belloc
to blame, Received, you will regret to hear, A nasty lump behind the ear. Moral: The moral is thatRate it:

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The Story of Mongrel Grey
Andrew Barton Paterson
Nothing but water appeared in sight! 'Tis a nasty place when the floods are out, Even in dayligRate it:

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Robert William Service
And then a waiter loafing near Says in a nasty tone: "Old coon, we don't want darkies here,Rate it:

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'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
Richard Harris Barham
paus'd to give him a piece of advice, 'You nasty Warmint, look at the Clock! Is this the way, youRate it:

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A Bush Lawyer
Andrew Barton Paterson
they, "We might have halved the fish and saved a nasty brawl; For half a crawfish isn't much, but Rate it:

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A Freak of Spring
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
is queer. He says somethin' - I dunno Somethin' nasty. I says, 'Ho!' 'Ho, yourself!' he says, an'Rate it:

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A Letter From England
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
of bowling bogeys Seem to have come a rather nasty flop. Psychology, you know, and moral suasion, ARate it:

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A Pastoral Dialogue
Jonathan Swift
dirty bitch; Dermot, how could you touch these nasty sluts? I almost wish'd this spud were in your Rate it:

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A Snake Yarn
William Thomas Goodge
there And not a sign o' movin', Give any man a nasty scare; Seen nothin' like it anywhere SinceRate it:

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An answer to Various Bards
Andrew Barton Paterson
us, and the droving days are done. There's a nasty dash of danger where the long-horned bullock wRate it:

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Annie Protheroe. A Legend of Stratford-le-Bow
William Schwenck Gilbert
GILBERT said, "Oh, shall I?" which was just his nasty way. He saw a look of anger from her eyes diRate it:

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Anti-Bullying Abecedarius
Darshan Jay Mistry
Idiots just kicking & laughing: mean, nasty opinions... People quickly ridicule strangers; theyRate it:

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At The 'National Encampment'
Ambrose Bierce
hotter than all Down South! Great Scott! what a nasty day _that_ was When every galoot in our cracRate it:

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Being Confident
Susie Q
others because you did fail to make it. Its nasty to give up on your dream or something you neededRate it:

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Dan Wasn’t Thrown from His Horse
Henry Lawson
was a devil— The kind of a brute I despise, With nasty white eyelashes fringing A pair of red, siniRate it:

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Ding Dong
Arthur Clement Hilton
What are nice? Ducks and peas. What are nasty? Bites of fleas. What are fast? Tides and times.Rate it:

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ER VOTO (The Vow)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
San Pietro e Marcellino's church There are such nasty nuns, Who, as a vow, had the bad habit Of Rate it:

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Fable Or History
Victor Marie Hugo
himself in a tiger's skin The tiger had been nasty; the monkey was atrocious, Wearing on his back tRate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
dirty-notion; ugly-deeds; nasty-outcome.Rate it:

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Ghazal 119
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
I don't need a companion who is nasty sad and sour the one who is like a grave dark depressing and bitter a sweetheart is a mirror a friend a d...Rate it:

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