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I am no mystic
Lesbia Harford
I am no mystic. All the ways of God Are dark to me. I know not if he lived or if he died In agony. My every act has reference to man. Some hum...Rate it:

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The Mystic Veil
Henry Clay Work
chamber gather phantom faces, Gazing thro' the mystic veil. One there is with features so familiar,Rate it:

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Mystic Night
Valentina I-P
in the thickets of heart rhyme? The night is mystic, all is sunk in gloom. My dreams are like the sRate it:

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I Step Across The Mystic Border-Land
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I step across the mystic border-land, And look upon the wonder-world of Art. How beautiful, how beautiful its hills! And all its valleys, how surpa...Rate it:

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Mystic shadow
Stephen Crane
Mystic shadow, bending near me, Who art thou? Whence come ye? And -- tell me -- is it fair Or is the truth bitter as eaten fire? Tell me! Fea...Rate it:

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Mystic Silence
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
From each, Love demands a mystic silence. What do all seek so earnestly? Tis Love. Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts, In Love no longer ...Rate it:

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A Broken Down Mystic
Liam Ó Comáin
in metre and rhyme. A somewhat solitary and mystical being Apparently from The Leap of The Dog IRate it:

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A Mystic As Soldier
Siegfried Sassoon
I lived my days apart, Dreaming fair songs for God; By the glory in my heart Covered and crowned and shod. Now God is in the strife, And I mus...Rate it:

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The Mystic
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
An 'Ode to the Moon' did he indite With his two-and-half soul-power. ('Twas the child of a starlit summer night, Begot by a gloomy hour.) And he v...Rate it:

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The Mystic Blue
David Herbert Lawrence
Out of the darkness, fretted sometimes in its sleeping, Jets of sparks in fountains of blue come leaping To sight, revealing a secret, numberless s...Rate it:

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The Mystic Sea
Paul Laurence Dunbar
The smell of the sea in my nostrils, The sound of the sea in mine ears; The touch of the spray on my burning face, Like the mist of reluctant tears...Rate it:

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The Mystic Selvagee
William Schwenck Gilbert
Perhaps already you may know SIR BLENNERHASSET PORTICO? A Captain in the Navy, he - A Baronet and K.C.B. You do? I thought so! It was that Captain...Rate it:

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The Mystic Trumpeter
Walt Whitman
HARK! some wild trumpeter--some strange musician, Hovering unseen in air, vibrates capricious tunes to-night. I hear thee, trumpeter--li...Rate it:

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The Mystic's Vision
Mathilde Blind
Ah! I shall kill myself with dreams! These dreams that softly lap me round Through trance-like hours in which meseems That I am swallowed up and dr...Rate it:

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The Mystic’s Christmas
John Greenleaf Whittier
'All hail!' the bells of Christmas rang, 'All hail!' the monks at Christmas sang, The merry monks who kept with cheer The gladdest day of all their...Rate it:

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Gregory Parable, LL.D.
William Schwenck Gilbert
him one autumn day there came A lovely youth of mystic name: He took a lodging in the house, And feRate it:

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Narva and Mored
Thomas Chatterton
the concave shell the lances rung: In all the mystic mazes of the dance, The youths of Banny's buRate it:

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L'Ennemi (The Enemy)
Charles Baudelaire
in this earth washed bare like the strand, The mystic aliment that would give them vigor? Alas! ARate it:

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The Hamadryad.
Robert Crawford
Last night I was like one who prayed Beneath a mystic tree Whose windless leaves a murmur made, As if it there might be A spirit in the sap that la...Rate it:

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The Princes' Qust - Part the Fourth
William Watson
which some do call The Emerald of the Virtues Mystical; (Though what those Virtues Mystical may be Rate it:

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The Song Of Hiawatha XV: Hiawatha's Lamentation
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
their rattles; Chanted singly and in chorus, Mystic songs like these, they chanted. 'I myself, myseRate it:

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Tout Entière (All of Her)
Charles Baudelaire
analysis To note its numerous accords. O mystic metamorphosis Of all my senses joined in one! HRate it:

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Address to the Devil
Robert Burns
As yell's the bill. 61 Thence, mystic knots mak great abuse, 62 On young guidmen, fondRate it:

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Assumpta Maria
Francis Thompson
me, Ischyros, Agios Athanatos! I am Daniel's mystic Mountain, Whence the mighty stone was rolled; Rate it:

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A Fantasy
James Whitcomb Riley
eyes, And still could see, and feel aware Some mystic presence waited there; And staring, with a daRate it:

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