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Ante Mortem
Robinson Jeffers
It is likely enough that lions and scorpions Guard the end; life never was bonded to be endurable nor the act of dying Unpainful; the brain burning...Rate it:

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Evil Corpse In Post Mortem Habitation
Mario William Vitale
twisted chains in the very fabric of their existence... come join in the resistance shattered glass out on the patio vanished corpse out of thin ai...Rate it:

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Post Mortem
Robinson Jeffers
Happy people die whole, they are all dissolved in a moment, they have had what they wanted, No hard gifts; the unhappy Linger a space, but pain is ...Rate it:

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Post Mortem Conspectu
Ezra Pound
A brown, fat babe sitting in the lotus, And you were glad and laughing With a laughter not of this world. It is good to splash in the water And lau...Rate it:

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Post Mortem.
Robert Crawford
When I have passed the bourne of ear and eye, And thou my whereabouts no more canst tell; When all I am is but a phantasy, Seen in thy heart, to no...Rate it:

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
BURY me with clenched hands And eyes open wide, For in storm and struggle I lived, And in struggle and storm I died. Rate it:

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Vitam Et Mortem
Kurt Philip Behm
We are what we do; we are what we say As day becomes night, and night becomes day We are twice begotten; we are twice betrayed Forgiveness in h...Rate it:

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A Psalm Of Patience
Joseph Furphy
your time in fruitless quest Re man's post-mortem state. That doubt will soon be set at rest — YRate it:

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Richard Lovelace
dedit uxor maecha marito, Nec satis ad mortem credidit esse datum; Miscuit argenti lethalia pondeRate it:

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Mart. Epi. XLIII. Lib. I.
Richard Lovelace
sibi quaereret arma dolor, Nondum scitis, ait, mortem non posse negari, Credideram satis hoc vos Rate it:

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The Shame of Going Back
Henry Lawson
discovered with a bullet in his brain, They POST-MORTEM him, and try him, and they say he was insanRate it:

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The Vision Of Piers Plowman - Part 13
William Langland
sour and unsavourly grounde In a morter, Post mortem, of many bitter peyne - But if thei synge foRate it:

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