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Limerick: There was an Old Person of Mold
Edward Lear
There was an Old Person of Mold, Who shrank from sensations of cold, So he purchased some muffs, Some furs and some fluffs, And wrapped himself fro...Rate it:

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Eustache Deschamps
Fleas, stink, pigs, mold, The gist of the Bohemian soul, Bread and salted fish and cold. ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
Aur Cymraeg. I was on the 18th green at Mold And I struck the ball too hard It finished up in Henty Road In Charlie Ward’s back yard. Now Charlie...Rate it:

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The Mother's Soul
Isabella Valancy Crawford
of gold, To the ice lumps of the grave mold: 'How heavy are ye and cold!' They buried tRate it:

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Cyder: Book I
John Arthur Phillips
in vain. The miry Fields, Rejoycing in rich Mold, most ample Fruit Of beauteous Form produce;Rate it:

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The Kings Prophecie
Joseph Hall
Zeno self, or who were made beside Of tougher mold) from being torne in twaine With the crosse PaRate it:

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The Temple of Fame
Alexander Pope
rear'd, Crown'd with an architrave of antique mold, And sculpture rising on the roughen'd mold, In Rate it:

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Here To Stay
they are here to stay and I have to try and mold it like clay. I cannot outrun and I cannot have fRate it:

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The conflict between wax and the sun
Paige Morgan
easily. But in the end, it always cools or gets molded back into place. It collects dust and dirt Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
like giving him a heart attack just to fit his mold no one came against him until that day in the cRate it:

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John Fletcher
not, dear sir, these undivided parts That must mold up a virgin, are put on To show her so, as boRate it:

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The Cosinic Curve
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
creation, and you may not monkey with 'em. Mold yourselves upon old mars and the fixed and unfixed Rate it:

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When Thou Hast Spent The Lingering Day
George Gascoigne
my sheets the winding sheet, My clothes the mold which I must have to cover me most meet; The hunRate it:

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16 and make up
Romaou sanchez
with the lies you were told they helped to mold, The women whose tears fall fast As if, You neeRate it:

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Stephen Vincent Benet
slanting helmets were spattered with rust and mold, But they burrowed the hill for the machine-gun Rate it:

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A Celebration
William Carlos Williams
old skin of wind-clear scales dropping upon the mold: this is the shadow projects the tree upwardRate it:

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A Renegade
Mario Vitale
with the handle that holds you forget how to mold ya its important to blend beyond the means a speRate it:

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A science—so the Savants say
Emily Dickinson
a secret to unfold Of some rare tenant of the mold, Else perished in the stone— So to the eye prosRate it:

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A Une Madone (To A Madonna)
Charles Baudelaire
embrace, And assume their form like a faithful mold; If I can't, in spite of all my painstaking aRate it:

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An Elegy on the Lady Markham
Francis Beaumont
touch her naked; and though th' envious mold In which she lies uncover'd, moist, and cold, Strive tRate it:

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Anecdote For Fathers
William Wordsworth
and fresh to see; His limbs are cast in beautyÕs mold And dearly he loves me. One morn we strolledRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
this life, and do not wait for circumstance to mold or change your fate. In your own self lies destRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
little foot-palms in the mellow mold, Laughing at the lazy cattle wading in the water Where the ripRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
garden, No nook is left in shade, No mist nor mold nor mildew Endures on any blade, Sweet raiRate it:

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By Half
Kurt Philip Behm
The mold has broken, our future uncast The best of remembrance, severed in half (Train From Grantham: July, 2016)Rate it:

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