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A Mixed Battle Song
Henry Lawson
Lo! the Boar’s tail is salted, and the Kangaroo’s exalted, And his right eye is extinguished by a man-o’-warsman’s cap; He is flying round the fenc...Rate it:

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A Mixed Crew
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Tho' it sounds a trifle mystic, Somewhat vague and cabbalistic, When you come to analyse the inner side Of political alliance You will find it is a...Rate it:

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Francis Scott Key
board let us gratefully throng, Where, mixed with the olive, the laurel shall wave, And form a brigRate it:

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Cassius Hueffer
Edgar Lee Masters
'His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him That nature might stand up and say to all Rate it:

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Dead Man's Dump
Isaac Rosenberg
they come? Will they ever come? Even as the mixed hoofs of the mules, The quivering-bellied mules, Rate it:

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Mr. Francis Beaumont's Letter to Ben Jonson
Francis Beaumont
of your full Mermaid wine. Oh, we have water mixed with claret-lees, Drink apt to bring in drier Rate it:

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The Creek of the Four Graves [Late Version]
Charles Harpur
o’er With boughs of the wild willow, hanging mixed From either-bank, or duskily befringed With upwaRate it:

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The Last Man
Ambrose Bierce
anywhere, In holes and trenches-all misfits Mixed up with one another's bits: One's back-bone with Rate it:

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The Minglers
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
fish it harbored might have been Unwed, and mixed in sexes! Good brothers, can you wonder then, ThaRate it:

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To Victor Hugo
Algernon Charles Swinburne
and lightnings were As sunbeams and soft air Mixed each in other, or as mist with sea Mixed, or as Rate it:

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A Story at Dusk
Ada Cambridge
scattered ears and wild blue-bottle flowers— Mixed with the corn-crake's crying, and the song Of loRate it:

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Brian Kirchner
my adolescent brain. Later years and mixed up fears Bring tears, and shear away a soul. MoraliRate it:

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Initial Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
than the fairies, Substance mixed of pure contraries, His vice some elder virtue's token, And his gRate it:

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surging whim Acutely noting in formation fits mixed complex composition of asylum Hope there is reRate it:

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instants to trust your instinct Creation is mixed reaction in action Cerated for the created to be Rate it:

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That Night It Rained
Victor Marie Hugo
of the sky, Infinity shook and in its urn mixed up The dark whirlings of the nocturnal abyss. The nRate it:

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The Choir Invisible
George Eliot
raising worship so To higher reverence more mixed with love, -- That better self shall live till Rate it:

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The Heart Of The Woman
William Butler Yeats
heart upon his warm heart lies, My breath is mixed into his breath. Rate it:

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Brenden Pettingill
is the strawberry handpicked and the salad mixed with caring hands and it, is everything More at :Rate it:

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
flames he fixed, And in it nectar and ambrosia mixed: With these the magic dews which evening bringRate it:

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My Bear
Robert William Service
To gulp and flee. The third day I mixed up a cross Of mustard and tobasco sauce, Rate it:

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Trumpet Player
Langston Hughes
music from the trumpet at his lips is honey mixed with liquid fire the rhythm from the trumpet at hRate it:

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Unser Gott
Karle Wilson Baker
of the white man's church -- Raw jungle-fervor, mixed with scraps sucked dry Of Israel's old sublimRate it:

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Smoke Signals
vodka mixed with a full moon twist dry and on the rocks keeps my tongue tide and close to your ear while you sexily sip Ciroc we talk about this ...Rate it:

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2 Hearts
Nikhil Parekh
because 2 colossal treasuries chivalrously mixed with each other; doesn't inevitably apply; that alRate it:

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