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Sonnet 03: Mindful Of You The Sodden Earth In Spring
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring, And all the flowers that in the springtime grow, And dusty roads, and thistles, and the slow Risin...Rate it:

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Sonnet III: Mindful of you the sodden earth
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring, And all the flowers that in the springtime grow, And dusty roads, and thistles, and the slow Risi...Rate it:

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Phoebus with Admetus
George Meredith
Sentencing to exile the bright Sun-God, Mindful were the ploughmen of who the steer had yoked,Rate it:

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Jesus, Do I Love Thee?
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Thee, But most I ask to love Thee; Kind Lord, be mindful of me, Love me, and make me love Thee. Rate it:

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Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Thomas Gray
Ashes live their wonted Fires. For thee, who, mindful of th' unhonour'd dead, Dost in these lines Rate it:

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James Macpherson
Fingal, doubting the faith of the king, and mindful of a former breach of hospitality, refuses to gRate it:

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A Smuggler's Song
Rudyard Kipling
blue and red, You be carefull what you say, and mindful what is said. If they call you "pretty maidRate it:

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Absence: A Farewell Ode On Quitting School For Jesus College
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
sternly chides my love-lorn song: Ah me! too mindful of the days Illumed by Passion's orient rays, Rate it:

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AN EPITAPH On his most honoured Friend Richard Earl of Dorset
Henry King
Using both well. No proud forgetting Lord, But mindful of mean names and of his word. One that dRate it:

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Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
fearless The King defying. Thus maybe Harald, Mindful that Einar Has crowned in Norway Two men witRate it:

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Book Of Suleika - The Reunion
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
indeed, at last, Of my joys the partner dear! Mindful, though, of sorrows past, I the present neeRate it:

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Care for Thy Soul as Thing of Greatest Price
William Byrd
according to thy store, And in like sort be mindful of the poor. Care for thy soul, as for thRate it:

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Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 24
Sa di
punished him. The officials of the king, mindful of the benefits they had formerly received from hiRate it:

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Champagne, 1914-15
Alan Seeger
Its tender spell, and joy is uppermost, Be mindful of the men they were, and raise Your glasses Rate it:

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Cousin Kate
Christina Georgina Rossetti
and air Contented with my cottage mates, Not mindful I was fair. Why did a great lord find me ouRate it:

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Cyder: Book II
John Arthur Phillips
bended Knee, and strow with purple Flow'rs; Unmindful of Thy Friends, that ill can brook ThisRate it:

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Khalil Gibran
wear the mark of the king? Yet is he not more mindful of his trembling? For what is it to die bRate it:

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Grace And Love
George Meredith
crystal vases she I love fills daily, mindful but of one: And close behind pale morn she, like the Rate it:

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Her Immortality
Thomas Hardy
I am but a Shade! "A Shade but in its mindful ones Has immortality; By living, mRate it:

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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
William Lisle Bowles
near some marble ruin, gleaming pale, Sighs mindful of the haunts of cheerful man, And thinks he heRate it:

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In Progress
Christina Georgina Rossetti
please, Gravely monotonous like a passing bell. Mindful of drudging daily common things, Patient atRate it:

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In War-Time: An Aspiration Of The Spirit
Sydney Thompson Dobell
that worse darkness thick with dust, That mindful of but what doth seem, And hopeless of the upperRate it:

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Inscription for my little son's silver plate
Eugene Field
inclined, Unto the serving-folk be kind; Be ever mindful of the poor, Nor turn them hungry from theRate it:

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Invitation To The Redbreast
William Cowper
a feast. For, taught by experience, I know, Thee mindful of benefit long; And that, thankful for alRate it:

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Lines To A Beautiful Spring In A Village
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
much-loved maid's accustom'd tread: She, vainly mindful of her dame's command, Loiters, the long-fiRate it:

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