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The middle region of the sky
The middle region of the sky, wherein the spirit dwelleth, is radiant with the music of light; There, where the pure and white music blossoms, ...Rate it:

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When Early March Seems Middle May
James Whitcomb Riley
When country roads begin to thaw In mottled spots of damp and dust, And fences by the margin draw Along the frosty crust Their graphic silhouettes,...Rate it:

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Middle Age
Amy Lowell
Like black ice Scrolled over with unintelligible patterns by an ignorant skater Is the dulled surface of my heart. Rate it:

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Middle Harbour
John Le Gay Brereton
Lonely wonder, delight past hoping! Sky-line broken by stirring trees, Grey rocks hither and shoreward sloping, Silent bracken about my knees. Dus...Rate it:

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Middle-Age Enthusiasms
Thomas Hardy
To M. H. WE passed where flag and flower Signalled a jocund throng; We said: "Go to, the hour Is apt!"--and joined...Rate it:

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Ezra Pound
‘Tis but a vague, invarious delight As gold that rains about some buried king. As the fine flakes, When tourists frolicking Stamp on his roof or i...Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
I heard a clash, and a cry, And a horseman fleeing the wood. The moon hid in a cloud. Deep in shadow I stood. ‘Ugly work!’ thought I, Holding m...Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
I heard a clash, and a cry, And a horseman fleeing the wood. The moon hid in a cloud. Deep in shadow I stood. ‘Ugly work!’ thought I, Holding m...Rate it:

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The Glass On The Bar
Henry Lawson
Three bushmen one morning rode up to an inn, And one of them called for the drinks with a grin; They'd only returned from a trip to the North, ...Rate it:

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The Nights at Rocky Bar
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
Trapping brumbies in the moonlight! those were nights of reckless fun, 'Way back on Campbell's country - on the Goory-bibil run, When saddled up an...Rate it:

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Crossing the Bar
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving s...Rate it:

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Ellipse #78(…candy bar)
Joe Guillotin
Saw a kid in a gas mask today Five years old- maybe four Stole a Hershey bar from the remains of a burnt down store. Riot gear and hopscotch Sling...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of 'Bar The Door
Liam Ó Comáin
In the town of Limavady, I would Have you all to know, William Cummings he was born- A true son of the Roe. And in that lovely valley Near to Be...Rate it:

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At Beauty's Bar As I Did Stand
George Gascoigne
AT Beauty's bar as I did stand, When False Suspect accused, ``George,'' quod the judge, ``hold up thy hand; Thou art arraigned of flattery. Tel...Rate it:

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At the Bar
Jeanne Fiedler
A couple sitting at the bar oblivious to one another Both staring into their drinks with a blank look on their faces She's worried about her life,...Rate it:

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Behind the Bar - a Desecration of Tennyson
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
Gray eyes and gamboge hair! One barmaid of 'The Crown'! Ah, will that beaming siren still be there When I go next to town? - When over-night ...Rate it:

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The Bar-Room Patriot
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Why, 'ow's she goin', Bill, ole sport? I thort I knoo your dile! My oath! You look the proper sort! That khaki soots your style. I never 'eard you...Rate it:

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Bar Kochba
Emma Lazarus
Weep, Israel! your tardy meed outpour Of grateful homage on his fallen head, That never coronal of triumph wore, Untombed, dishonored, and unchaple...Rate it:

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As the Bell Clinks
Rudyard Kipling
As I left the Halls at Lumley, rose the vision of a comely Maid last season worshipped dumbly, watched with fervor from afar; And I wondered idly, ...Rate it:

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You Alone Are The Beginning
Narsinh Mehta
You alone are the beginning, the middle, and the end! You alone, you alone, Sri Hari! You are the indivisiblebr ahman, Who even the likes of Brah...Rate it:

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The Drunkard's Funeral
Vachel Lindsay
"Yes," said the sister with the little pinched face, The busy little sister with the funny little tract: — "This is the climax, the grand fifth act...Rate it:

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The Brus Book XIII
John Barbour
[Douglas's division attacks] Quhen thir twa fyrst bataillis wer Assemblyt as I said you er, The Stewart Walter that than was And the gud lord ...Rate it:

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The Cats Of Piracy
Zane Simon
Cats go far in the bar of which they lack all morals At night they fight through petty insults and age-old quarrels They sleep in late with their b...Rate it:

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The Fiddle And The Crowd
Roderic Quinn
WHEN the day was at its middle, Tired of limb and slow of pace, Came a fiddler with his fiddle To a crowded market place; Lying, cheating, boasting...Rate it:

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Love's Castle
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Key and bar, key and bar, Iron bolt and chain! And what will you do when the King comes To enter his domain? Turn key and lift bar, Loose, oh, bol...Rate it:

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