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Hymn V: Thy Faithfulness, Lord
John Wesley
And Advocate too, For you he is pleading His merits and death, With God interceding for sinners benRate it:

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Men and Women
James Kenneth Stephen
not abundant: she had such a hat As neither merits nor expects remark. She was not clever, I am verRate it:

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Tale XI
George Crabbe
praises made the damsels try Not to obtain such merits, but deny; For, whatsoever wise mammas mightRate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto III.
Coventry Patmore
loveliness Which others cannot understand. His merits in her presence grow, To match the promise inRate it:

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Thy Faithfulness, Lord
Charles Wesley
And Advocate too, For you he is pleading His merits and death, With God interceding for sinners benRate it:

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Trial by Jury
William Schwenck Gilbert
permit me to remark On the merits of my pleadings, You're at preseRate it:

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
colleague, friend, yet foe of Pitt; He, to whose merits all men granted, That Pitt's last list, oneRate it:

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In heaven,
Stephen Crane
the little blades Began eagerly to relate The merits of their lives. This one stayed a small wayRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
paint and brush to blazon on these rocks The merits of my master's nostrum-so: _(Paints rapidly.)_ Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - BLIND ALLEYS
Saša Milivojev
and cheating Adorning themselves with others’ merits Fighting with hidden horns The remnants of peoRate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. The Sicilian's Tale; The Bell of Atri
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
poor brute? He who serves well and speaks not, merits more Than they who clamor loudest at the doorRate it:

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Dover To Munich
Charles Stuart Calverley
and schnapps - A diet which perhaps Has its merits. And day again declines: In shadow sleep the viRate it:

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A Manual, More Ancient Than The Art Of Printing, And Not To Be Found In Any Catalogue
William Cowper
needs be told, that has his brains, Which merits most regard? Ofttimes its leaves of scarlet hue ARate it:

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An Octopus
Marianne Moore
makes lanes of ripples.' What spot could have merits of equal importance for bears, elks, deer, wolRate it:

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A Thanksgiving Poem
Paul Laurence Dunbar
to pay our thanks to thee. We feel that had our merits been The measure of thy gifts to us, We errRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the most Incomparable K. Charles the First
Henry King
From this Survey the Kingdom may conclude His Merits, and her Losses Magnitude. Nor think he flaRate it:

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An Epistle To Fleetwood Shephard, Esq. Burleigh, May 14, 1689
Matthew Prior
who is himself a wit, Counts writers' merits by the sheet. Thus each should down with all he thinksRate it:

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An Heroic Epistle of Hudibras To His Lady
Samuel Butler
resent, That for its own supply was meant? That merits, in a kind mistake, A pardon for th' offenceRate it:

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An Ode - Humbly Inscribed To The Queen, On the Glorious Success of Her Majesty's Arms
Matthew Prior
Malbro's stronger star. Those laurel groves (the merits of thy youth) Which thou from Mahomet didstRate it:

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Autograph Verses
Joseph Furphy
Life can give of gladness; Seek for aught that merits trust — All thy mirth will turn to sadness,Rate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
and centuries pass, 60 And still your merits be unrecked, unsung? 61 Oh! I have gazed into Rate it:

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Charles Lamb
welcomer of new-born days, A breakfast, merits; ever giving Cheerful notice we are living Another dRate it:

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Carmen Seculare. For the Year 1700. To The King
Matthew Prior
the City chain'd. With justest Honour be Their Merits drest: But be Their Failings too confest: TheRate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 18
Sa di
enhance the opinion of the padshah regarding his merits. But it is related that the medicine was leRate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 20
Sa di
My friends who saw that my appreciation of his merits was unusual attributed it to the levity of myRate it:

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