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Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce; Or, The Slave-Trader In The Dumps
William Cowper
A trader I am to the African shore, But since that my trading is like to be o'er, I'll sing you a song that you ne'er heard before, Which nobody ...Rate it:

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He Gave Me No Meat
Jones Very
My brother, I am hungry,—give me food Such as my Father gives me at his board; He has for many years been to thee good, Thou canst a morsel then to...Rate it:

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Robin Hood And The Butcher
Andrew Lang
up his inn. When other butchers did open their meat, Bold Robin he then begun; But how for to sellRate it:

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A Cabin Tale
Paul Laurence Dunbar
trap, but we kin beat All dey tricks an' git de meat.' 'Cose I 's wif you,' says de bah, 'Come on, Rate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 37
Sa di
stop a while till my servants roast some minced meat’; whereon the dervish lifted his head and reciRate it:

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From A German War Primer
Bertolt Brecht
leave this earth Without having tasted Any good meat. For wondering where they come from and WhereRate it:

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Santa Claus in the Bush
Andrew Barton Paterson
made of a new-laid egg, Or a tasty bit of meat." "But the native cats have taen the fowls, TheyRate it:

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Satire II:The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse
Sir Thomas Wyatt
wet in sorry plight, And, worse than that, bare meat there did remain To comfort her when she herRate it:

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The cattle thief
Emily Pauline Johnson
man. You say your cattle are not ours, your meat is not our meat; When you pay for the land yRate it:

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The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse
Sir Thomas Wyatt
wet in sorry plight, And, worse than that, bare meat there did remain To comfort her when she herRate it:

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The Law of the Jungle
Rudyard Kipling
head and the hide. The Kill of the Pack is the meat of the Pack. Ye must eat where it lies; And no Rate it:

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Robert curran
food doesn’t matter? It is all good to eat meat Or lots of eggs and butter Just don’t tell your docRate it:

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The Devil's Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
here and grovel there, crumbs for beggars—no meat to share Caught inside the rising dough, leaRate it:

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The Dogs
Arthur Symons
lie at their feet, And my soul be these dogs' meat. My soul walks robed in white where the saintsRate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
in sorry plight; And worse than that, bare meat there did remain To comfort her when she hRate it:

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Robert Herrick
known To thee, than unto any one: But as thy meat, so thy immortal wine Makes the smirk face of eacRate it:

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A Tale of the Sea
William Topaz McGonagall
felt so weakly on their legs for want of meat. They were carried to a boarding-house without delaRate it:

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After Death
Algernon Charles Swinburne
strong gold bound round my head. But no meat comes in my mouth, Now I fare as the worm doth; And Rate it:

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Artists Are Not Taught; They Are Born
Nikhil Parekh
to propel it to dip down; capsize the robust meat in its mouth, The dog didn't need to be taught Rate it:

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Bomb Blast
Nikhil Parekh
notes of Egyptian music, Chopping pieces of meat with immaculate ease, Dispatching rotten eggs toRate it:

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Christmas Antiphones
Algernon Charles Swinburne
worn mankind, Without heart or mind, Without meat or thought; We with strife of life Worn tillRate it:

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John Newton
birth-right despised; And sold, for a morsel of meat, What could not too highly be prized: How greaRate it:

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Get Work
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the job of shifting sand: And with fresh-killed meat and fruit and furs his cave the tribesmen deckRate it:

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Jones's Porvate Argyment
Sidney Lanier
planter, And Tennessy was rotten-rich A-raisin' meat and corn, all which Draw'd money to AtlantaRate it:

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Mrs Jaypher
Edward Lear
lemons in your head; First to eat, a pound of meat, And then to go at once to bed. Eating meat is hRate it:

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