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On An Ill-Managed House
Jonathan Swift
LET me thy properties explain: A rotten cabin dropping rain: Chimneys, with scorn rejecting smoke; Stools, tables, chairs, and bedsteads broke. ...Rate it:

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Take Care, Take Care
John Freeman
Bind up, bind up your dark bright hair And hide the smouldering sunken fire. Let it be held no more than fair, Nor yourself guess how rare, how rar...Rate it:

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Care for Thy Soul as Thing of Greatest Price
William Byrd
Care for thy soul as thing of greatest price, Made to the end to taste of power divine, Devoid of guilt, abhorring sin and vice, Apt b...Rate it:

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My Memory's Care
Owen Suffolk
Sing not to me a song of beauty bright, Nor festive scenes of dazzling light; Nor of gorgeous pageant in palace hall Begemmed with many a corona...Rate it:

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What care the Dead, for Chanticleer
Emily Dickinson
What care the Dead, for Chanticleer— What care the Dead for Day? 'Tis late your Sunrise vex their face— And Purple Ribaldry—of Morning Pour as bla...Rate it:

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Care Free Bloke's Cigar
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
There's a little spark and a wisp of smoke By the road where the tall gums are; And a mile away a care-free bloke Speeds onward in his car. No thou...Rate it:

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My power of love & care
Jemaine Clark MILLER
My power of beautiful sweetest smile innocence man powerful!!! My power of emotion high flyer to top mounts the outer space powerful!! My power o...Rate it:

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Time Didn't Care
Ehsan Sehgal
Once I was on the journey With the hopes, desires, And dreams Time didn't care that However, I am still On the journey, But without the desires,...Rate it:

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Cast away care
Thomas Dekker
Cast away care; he that loves sorrow Lengthens not a day, nor can buy to-morrow ; Money is trash, and he that will spend it, L...Rate it:

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Epistle To A Friend, In Answer To Some Lines Exhorting The Author To Be Cheerful, And To Banish Care
George Gordon Lord Byron
'OH! banish care'--such ever be The motto of thy revelry! Perchance of mine, when wassail nights Renew those riotous delights, Wherewith the childr...Rate it:

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'Tis little I—could care for Pearls
Emily Dickinson
'Tis little I—could care for Pearls— Who own the ample sea— Or Brooches—when the Emperor— With Rubies—pelteth me— Or Gold—who am the Prince of Min...Rate it:

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And is there care in heaven, and is there love
Edmund Spenser
And is there care in heaven, and is there love In heavenly spirits to us creatures base, That may compassion of our evils move? There is : else muc...Rate it:

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Care of Birds for their Young
James Thomson
As thus the patient dam assiduous sits, Not to be tempted from her tender task, Or by sharp hunger, or by smooth delight, Tho' the whole loosen'd ...Rate it:

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Care-charming Sleep
John Fletcher
Care-charming Sleep, thou easer of all woes, Brother to Death, sweetly thyself dispose On this afflicted prince; fall like a cloud In gent...Rate it:

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Delia XLV: Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night
Samuel Daniel
XLV Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night, Brother to Death, in silent darkness born: Relieve my languish, and restore the light, ...Rate it:

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Dost Thou Not Care?
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I love and love not: Lord, it breaks my heart To love and not to love. Thou veiled within Thy glory, gone apart Into Thy shrine, which is above, Do...Rate it:

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I Do Not Care About Social Norms
I will fasten the bells of his love to my feet And dance in front of Girdhar. Dancing and dancing I will please his eyes; My love is an ancient on...Rate it:

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I Said--I Care Not
Richard Le Gallienne
I said-I care not if I can But look into her eyes again, But lay my hand within her hand Just once again. Though all the world be filled with snow...Rate it:

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I Shall Not Care
Sara Teasdale
When I am dead and over me bright April Shakes out her rain-drenched hair, Though you should lean above me broken-hearted, I shall not care. I s...Rate it:

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My Spirit on Thy Care
Henry Francis Lyte
My spirit on Thy care, Blest Savior, I recline; Thou wilt not leave me to despair, For Thou art Love divine. In Thee I place my trust, On Thee I c...Rate it:

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One To Care
Kurt Philip Behm
Unschooled, undisciplined, my spirit forged on Past theory and dogma, past anthem and song A serendipitous storm, thoughts, feelings, unsha...Rate it:

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Someone to care
Janis Binning
What is wrong with me, that I am so unloved? Am I too strong, too weak, closed off, unreachable? Do I draw back, or do I push you away? Too outspok...Rate it:

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Sonnet LIV: Care-Charmer Sleep
Samuel Daniel
Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night, Brother to death, in silent darkness born, Relieve my languish and restore the light, With dark forg...Rate it:

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The Poet Care
Victor James Daley
CARE is a Poet fine: He works in shade or shine, And leaves—you know his sign!— No day without its line. He writes with iron pen Upon the brows o...Rate it:

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To The Right Honourable John Barber, Esq; Lord Mayor Of London, On Committing One Of My Sons To His Care.
Mary Barber
To the late King of Britain a Savage was brought, Which wild in the Woods of Germania was caught. This Present so princely was train'd up with Care...Rate it:

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