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On An Ill-Managed House
Jonathan Swift
LET me thy properties explain: A rotten cabin dropping rain: Chimneys, with scorn rejecting smoke; Stools, tables, chairs, and bedsteads broke. ...Rate it:

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I Inconsolably died
Nikhil Parekh
of diabolically perpetuating thorns; I still managed to rise up like a handsome prince; unfetteredRate it:

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Brbed Wire
Mario William Vitale
Andy Crawling through the corridor The pair managed to find a door It was then they saw the lighRate it:

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Rope Of love
Nikhil Parekh
although after a while I used my ingenuity and managed to wriggle out completely free from my bondaRate it:

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The Bushfire - an Allegory
Andrew Barton Paterson
known a sheep to lose; Old Billy Gladstone managed it, And you can bet your shoes He'd scores ofRate it:

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The Indiscreet Confessions
La Fontaine
received the offer of his heart; So well he managed and expressed his flame. That soon her lord andRate it:

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The Odyssey Of 'Erbert 'Iggins
Robert William Service
one -- WHUT! The son of a slut! 'E managed to miss by a 'air. 'Ow! Wot was it jabbed at me shouRate it:

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Freedom Of Speech
damage, but because the adult in you wasn't managed. Sticks and stones break bones but words will Rate it:

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through the ages? Yet societies manages to be managed by its savages Even as man ages through timesRate it:

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by answers to raise questions as contracted Managed with sleight Men stammer and turn the globe intRate it:

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Wreck of the Schooner Samuel Crawford
William Topaz McGonagall
a hurricane, And the crew were exhausted, but managed the poop to gain; And the vessel was tossed lRate it:

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The Martians Arrived
Sonia Walker
tired by the third hour and began to yawn, Lucy managed to open one sleepy eye, the noise and anticRate it:

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Veni Vidi Vici
Alan Parry-Booth
one sided” remarked one commentator Namibia managed fourteen points, despite this, t’was their fateRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
bar. But, concluding my sad little tale I've managed to purchase my ale At an excellent pub, wiRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
into him outsaide the Pawk. Goodness knows! Ai managed, somehow, to elude him with a nod, And Ai sRate it:

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Apology to Delia
William Cowper
This evening, Delia, you and I, Have managed most delightfully, For with a frown we parted; Having contrived some trifle that We both may be much ...Rate it:

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Billy Barlow In Australia
Andrew Barton Paterson
wandered about then quite sad and forlorn; How I managed to live it would shock you to know, And asRate it:

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Book Agent Story
James McIntyre
cared not for things new or strange ; But agent managed him to hook And sold to him a costly book. Rate it:

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British Association, Notes of the President's Address
James Clerk Maxwell
the very beginnings of science, the parsons, who managed things then, Being handy with hammer and cRate it:

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Constantine P. Cavafy
and Cleopatras are admirable. When I had managed to verify the era I would have put the book away,Rate it:

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Chalk Powder
Nikhil Parekh
as if covered with snow, Although some of it managed to infiltrate into my nose; and I thunderouslRate it:

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Henry Lawson
never see a fairy now. And yet they must have managed well If only half the tales are true, The woRate it:

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Dragon and Uninvited Guest
Ehsan Sehgal
did not see And find anyone, I was looking for I managed to announce The subject's name For whom I Rate it:

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Drinking Song
James Kenneth Stephen
and immediate relief. For myself, I have managed to do Without having recourse to this plan, SoRate it:

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Eleonora : A Panegyrical
John Dryden
she not profuse; but feared to waste, And wisely managed, that the stock might last; That all mightRate it:

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