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Zion National Park
Kurt Philip Behm
Where words end —Zion begins (Zion National Park: July, 2019)Rate it:

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Fertile Lands and Mammoth Cheese
James McIntyre
In barren district you may meet Small fertile spot doth grow fine wheat, There you may find the choicest fruits, And great, round, smooth and solid...Rate it:

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Ode on the Mammoth Cheese
James McIntyre
We have seen the Queen of cheese, Laying quietly at your ease, Gently fanned by evening breeze -- Thy fair form no flies dare seize. All gaily...Rate it:

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The Opal Dream Cave
Katherine Mansfield
In an opal dream cave I found a fairy: Her wings were frailer than flower petals, Frailer far than snowflakes. She was not frightened, but poised o...Rate it:

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David In The Cave Of Adullam
Charles Lamb
David and his three captains bold Kept ambush once within a hold. It was in Adullam's cave, Nigh which no water they could have. Nor spring nor run...Rate it:

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The Cave of the Unborn
Thomas Hardy
I rose at night and visited The Cave of the Unborn, And crowding shapes surrounded me For tidings of the life to be, Who long had prayed the silent...Rate it:

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Liam Ó Comáin
Remove our national flag from the Mast you betraying 'Provisionals', For you have replaced our Tricolour With Britain’s imperial ‘Union Jack’. ~ Fo...Rate it:

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The National Anthem
William Schwenck Gilbert
A monarch is pestered with cares, Though, no doubt, he can often trepan them; But one comes in a shape he can never escape - The implacable Nationa...Rate it:

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Stella At Wood Park, A House Of Charles Ford, Esq., Near Dublin
Jonathan Swift
Don Carlos, in a merry spight, Did Stella to his house invite: He entertain'd her half a year With generous wines and costly cheer. Don Carlos made...Rate it:

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In The People's Park
Edith Nesbit
Many's the time I've found your face Fresh as a bunch of flowers in May, Waiting for me at our own old place At the end of the working day. Many's ...Rate it:

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Victoria Park and Caledonian Games
James McIntyre
Lines on the naming of Victoria Park, on Queen's Birthday, 1881. The ceremony was performed by Thomas Brown, Esq., Mayor of the town. Come one, co...Rate it:

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Midnight in Sitka Park
Sonia Walker
The silence of the park seizes the hour of dusk, where majestic snow-capped mountains adjoin the skies of midnight blue; a halo of light encircles...Rate it:

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Liam Ó Comáin
~~~~~~~ While astrolling through what locals Referred to as the 'the wet wood', As a teenager, my thought related Prior to when our species existed...Rate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
You may have heard of Proclus, sir, If you have been a reader; And you may know a bit of her Who helped the Lycian leader. I have my doubts -...Rate it:

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A National Song For Australia Felix
Andrew Barton Paterson
Dark over the face of Nature sublime! Reign'd tyranny, warfare, and every crime; The world a desert—no oasis green A man-loving soul on its surface...Rate it:

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A New National Anthem
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. God prosper, speed,and save, God raise from England’s grave Her murdered Queen! Pave with swift victory The steps of Liberty, Whom Britons own t...Rate it:

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A Play Festival In Ogden Park
Harriet Monroe
Oh gay and shining June time! Oh meadow brave and bright, Abloom with little children, All tossing in the light! They dance and circle singing— ...Rate it:

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At The 'National Encampment'
Ambrose Bierce
You 're grayer than one would have thought you: The climate you have over there In the East has apparently brought you Disorders affecting the hair...Rate it:

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Beethoven In Central Park
Alfred Noyes
(After a glimpse of a certain monument in New York, during the Victory Celebration) The thousand-windowed towers were all alight. Throngs of all n...Rate it:

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Coole Park And Ballylee, 1931
William Butler Yeats
Under my window-ledge the waters race, Otters below and moor-hens on the top, Run for a mile undimmed in Heaven's face Then darkening through 'dark...Rate it:

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Coole Park, 1929
William Butler Yeats
I meditate upon a swallow's flight, Upon a aged woman and her house, A sycamore and lime-tree lost in night Although that western cloud is luminous...Rate it:

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In Hyde Park
Arthur Henry Adams
The white mist walks between the trees In silver gown; Her mystic floating draperies The branches drown; And lurking there with eager leer ...Rate it:

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King Christian, A National Song Of Denmark. (From The Danish Of Johannes Evald)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
King Christian stood by the lofty mast In mist and smoke; His sword was hammering so fast, Through Gothic helm and brain it passed; Then sank each ...Rate it:

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Lines Written In Windsor Park
Charles Churchill
These verses appeared with Churchill's name to them in the London Magazine for , and there is no reason to doubt their being genuine. When Pope to...Rate it:

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National Anniversay Ode
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ho! for the day in the whole year the brightest! Long may it live in the heart of the nation! Long may it be ere the names are forgotten That boldl...Rate it:

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