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A Swimmer's Dream
Algernon Charles Swinburne
to westward, clad With lustrous shadow that lures the swimmer, Lures and lulls him with dreams ofRate it:

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Love, Hope, Desire, And Fear
Percy Bysshe Shelley
hold All it circles, as of old. When, as summer lures the swallow, Pleasure lures the heart to folRate it:

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Paraphrases from Scripture
Helen Maria Williams
can attain, 'The charms of pleasure, or the lures of gain, 'Betray strong Nature's feelings, will sRate it:

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When London Calls
Victor James Daley
for mirth; With voice of golden guile She lures men from the ends of earth To make her smile.Rate it:

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II. The Quest Of Silence
Christopher John Brennan
I have stray'd, and tho' among the glimpsing lures of all green aisles delays that revelation of Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - TO PUT THE SUN OUT
Saša Milivojev
footsteps disappears in the silence And a voice lures me To scream out my tears To return into my mRate it:

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Alfred George Stephens
Wherever human wisdom shines or human folly lures; Where lovers lingering walk beside, and happy Rate it:

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Rural Sports: A Georgic - Canto II.
John Gay
in the sun the transient colours blaze, Bride lures the little warbler from the skies: The light-enRate it:

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Ciel Brouillé (Cloudy Sky)
Charles Baudelaire
from a ruffled sky! o fateful woman! sky that lures and lours! and shall I love thy snow, its frosRate it:

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A Dirge of the Morning After
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
agable, trust ye to him! 'Lo, from the Chosen lures he the capital. Bright golden, capital! GloriRate it:

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A Garden Idyl
George Meredith
mother tongue, While low the weaver cursed her lures, Remarked, 'You have me; I am yours.' Thrice Rate it:

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A Rolling Stone
Robert William Service
And none shall do me harm. To shun all lures that debauch the soul, The orgied rites of tRate it:

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A Southern Singer
James Whitcomb Riley
of magnolia-bloom. Such sumptuous languor lures the sense-- Such luxury of indolence-- The eyes blRate it:

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Ah Ling, The Leper
Edward George Dyson
Ling laboured on, for pleasure spread no lures that tempted him. And the curious people, watching Rate it:

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An Idyll
Coventry Patmore
scold the child for now and then repelling Lures with ‘I won't!’ or for a moment's straying In its Rate it:

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And love has changed to kindliness
Rupert Brooke
get away. Follow down other windier skies New lures, alone? Or shall we stay, Since this is all we'Rate it:

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At Issue
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
whisper is too sad. Even to attain calm sorrow lures me thither, Since here this search for joy wRate it:

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At the Foresters
Arthur Symons
Flo!) As teasing as a half-shut book; It lures me till I long to know The many meanings of your looRate it:

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Alfred Austin
note more deep, that voice more dear, That lures to love the listening maid, When half is fondness,Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
loyal worship, scorning praise, How spread their lures for him in vain Thieving Ambition and palterRate it:

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Beyond All
Kurt Philip Behm
to roam, to stumble on its way The darkness lures, a light unshone, new words to keep me strong ARate it:

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Come, My Beloved, Hear From Me
Robert Louis Stevenson
along, That from the mountain calls afar, That lures a vessel from a star, And with a still, aerialRate it:

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Cumnor Hall
William Mickle
(or I much am wronge) Or tis not beautye lures thy vowes; Rather ambition's gilded crowne Makes theRate it:

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Custer: Book Third
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
blood of lesser things to see it flow; Lures like a friend, to murder like a foe The trusting bird Rate it:

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Earth And Man
George Meredith
obscures; Through that old devil of the thousand lures, Through that dense hood: XVIII Through teRate it:

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