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Blue and Buff
George Canning
was seen or felt; Left Law and Reason in the lurch, To mould the Senate, twist the Church: But wandRate it:

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Roan Stallion
Robinson Jeffers
she watched From the house-door her father lurch out of the buggy and lead with due respect the staRate it:

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A Boy in Church
Robert Graves
they never shiver, They never bend or sway or lurch. “Prayer,” says the kind voice, “is a chain TRate it:

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A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet IX
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
valorous Vendéen, And all the Revolution left in lurch That very year--things old as Waterloo. But Rate it:

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All The Talents
George Canning
the tomb; 'And Chancellor Ego, now left in the lurch, 'Neither dines with the Jordan, nor whines foRate it:

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An answer to Various Bards
Andrew Barton Paterson
he hears a wool-team passing with a rumble and a lurch, And, although the work is pressing, yet itRate it:

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An Offer Of Marriage
Ambrose Bierce
Advancing I have left myself distinctly in the lurch! Seeking still a worthy partner, from the landRate it:

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As the Bell Clinks
Rudyard Kipling
-- we were whirling down to Solon, With a double lurch and roll on, best foot foremost, ganz und gaRate it:

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Battery Moving Up to a New Position from Rest Camp:Dawn
Robert Nichols
the market place. Deep quiet again, and on we lurch Under the shadow of a church: Its tower ascendRate it:

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Epilogue to Henry II.
John Dryden
clog. After a year, poor spouse is left i' the lurch, And you, like Haynes, return to mother-churRate it:

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Robert William Service
think like me, And though they leave me in the lurch, I'm always mighty glad to see Rate it:

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Holy-Cross Day
Robert Browning
play's a jewel! Leave friends in the lurch? Stand on a line ere you start for the church! III. Rate it:

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How Polly Paid For Her Keep
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
on his perch, half-awake, half-asleep. Till a lurch of the coach came, when, suddenly losing His bRate it:

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William Ernest Henley
output Of so many ardent smokers, Full of shadow lurch the corners, And the doctor peeps and passesRate it:

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Introduction: Rose of Spadgers
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
as come to mind, Becos I 'ated leavin' in the lurch Wot Ginger Mick, me cobber, left be'ind. Don'tRate it:

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King Canute
William Makepeace Thackeray
never does she leave her benefactors in the lurch. 'Look! the land is crowned with minsters, whichRate it:

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My Chapel
Robert William Service
said: 'You are kind. Time leaves us on the lurch, And there are very few who mind Their dRate it:

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My Rival
Robert William Service
three met at church I tried to give the lad the lurch, But heard him say: "How like a rose! is it yRate it:

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Ode for a Master Mariner Ashore
Louise Imogen Guiney
smoke and sparkle as of old, The taffrail lurch, the sheets triumphant toss Their phosphor-flowersRate it:

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Peace, Blessed Peace
Edward George Dyson
molar to a bough, Then give the anguished one a lurch, 'N' down he pitches. From that birch His Rate it:

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Robert William Service
shoot at them out of the night; A lurch to the left, a wrench to the right, Hands grim-gripping andRate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
way out If we should leave them in the lurch. “That’s why I have you here with me To-night: you Rate it:

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Spring Day
Amy Lowell
an old church, against which the waves of people lurch and withdraw. Flare of sunshine down side-stRate it:

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Henry Lawson
and get his bottle filled again, And he gave a lurch and vanished in the darkness and the rain. Rate it:

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The Air Plant
Harold Hart Crane
wind that jars Its tentacles, horrific in their lurch. The lizard’s throat, held bloated for a fly,Rate it:

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