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A Linnet In A Gilded Cage
Christina Georgina Rossetti
In frosty winter one might doubt Which bird is luckier now. But let the trees burst out in leaf,Rate it:

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A child said, What is the grass?
Walt Whitman
is different from what any one supposed, and luckier. Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
as man, For I considered myself infinite times luckier to remain bald; than suffer from the unreleRate it:

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Bec’s Birth-Day Nov. 8, 1726
Jonathan Swift
This day, dear Bec, is thy nativity; Had Fate a luckier one, she'd give it ye. She chose a thread of greatest length, And doubly twisted it for str...Rate it:

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Enoch Arden
Alfred Lord Tennyson
home For Annie: and so prosper'd that at last A luckier or a bolder fisherman, A carefuller in periRate it:

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How Much Joy
Kurt Philip Behm
get Feeling everything God given, how much luckier even yet Knowing everything presented, howRate it:

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Ode III: To A Friend, Unsuccessful In Love
Mark Akenside
down; And let awhile the willow's crown With luckier omens bind your hair. VIII. O just escap'd thRate it:

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On Somme
Ivor Gurney
at first touch. Fear, but just held. Poets were luckier once In the hot fray swallowed and some magRate it:

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Studies at Delhi, 1876
Alfred Comyn Lyall
that weary the eye; These I may 'scape by a luckier birth, Musing, and fasting, and hoping to die. Rate it:

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Tarrant Moss
Rudyard Kipling
the twenty knights in the peat-water Are luckier than I! And ever they give me gold and praise AndRate it:

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The Gypsy
Edward Thomas
one, 'you've got a lucky face.' 'And you've a luckier,' I thought, 'if such grace And impudence in Rate it:

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The Isle of Portland
Alfred Edward Housman
you light, And sleep you fast for aye; And luckier may you find the night Than ever you found thRate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
avoid men, live with more kindly wolves And luckier ravens, waiting for the end of the age. HermitRate it:

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Upon A House Shaken By The Land Agitation
William Butler Yeats
HOW should the world be luckier if this house, Where passion and precision have been one Time out of mind, became too ruinous To breed the lidleSs ...Rate it:

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