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Louis XVII (King Louis XVII)
Victor Marie Hugo
Capet, éveille-toi I En ces temps-là, du ciel les portes d'or s'ouvrirent; Du Saint des Saints ému les feux se découvrirent : Tous les cieux un...Rate it:

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Louis Pasteur and Dextrotartaric Acid, 1848
Xiaoyuan Yin
Louis Pasteur and Dextrotartaric Acid, 1848 By Xiaoyuan Yin On a grayish slide under the microscope, tiny human figures Evolve into kaleidoscop...Rate it:

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Sunset: St. Louis
Sara Teasdale
Hushed in the smoky haze of summer sunset, When I came home again from far-off places, How many times I saw my western city Dream by her river. Th...Rate it:

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Robert Louis Stevenson
Richard Le Gallienne
An Elegy High on his Patmos of the Southern Seas Our northern dreamer sleeps, Strange stars above him, and above his grave Strange leaves and wing...Rate it:

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To Robert Louis Stevenson
Alfred Austin
I never saw you, never grasped your hand, Nor wrote nor read lines absence loves to trace, Ne'er with you sate in your accustomed place, Nor waited...Rate it:

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Saint Cloud
Sir Walter Scott
Soft spread the southern sumer night Her veil of darksome blue; Ten thousand stars combined to light The terrace of Saint Cloud. The evening bre...Rate it:

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Saint Monica
Charlotte Smith
AMONG deep woods is the dismantled scite Of an old Abbey, where the chaunted rite, By twice ten brethren of the monkish cowl, Was duly sung; and...Rate it:

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Le musicien de Saint-Merry
Guillaume Apollinaire
J'ai enfin le droit de saluer des êtres que je ne connais pas Ils passent devant moi et s'accumulent au loin Tandis que tout ce que j'en vois m'est...Rate it:

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Saint Brandan
Matthew Arnold
Saint Brandan sails the northern main; The brotherhood of saints are glad. He greets them once, he sails again; So late!—such storms!—The Saint is ...Rate it:

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The Saint And The Monk
Ambrose Bierce
Saint Peter at the gate of Heaven displayed The tools and terrors of his awful trade; The key, the frown as pitiless as night, That slays intending...Rate it:

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Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church, Rome, The
Robert Browning
Vanity, saith the preacher, vanity! Draw round my bed: is Anselm keeping back? Nephews--sons mine . . . ah God, I know not! Well-- ...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Saint Canice
Liam Ó Comáin
In the Irish valley of the Roe Saint Canice was born and in Time served Our Lord Jesus As a person spiritually reborn. Sowing seed in the hearts O...Rate it:

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A Prayer To Saint Rosa
Lesbia Harford
When I am so worn out I cannot sleep And yet I know I have to work next day Or lose my job, I sometimes have recourse To one long dead, who list...Rate it:

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It Is Needless To Ask Of A Saint
It is needless to ask of a saint the caste to which he belongs; For the priest, the warrior. the tradesman, and all the thirty-six castes, alike ...Rate it:

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The Eve Of Saint Mark. A Fragment
John Keats
Upon a Sabbath-day it fell; Twice holy was the Sabbath-bell That call'd the folk to evening prayer; The city streets were clean and fair From w...Rate it:

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Follow Your Saint
Thomas Campion
1 Follow your saint, follow with accents sweet; 2 Haste you, sad notes, fall at her flying feet. 3 There, wrapp'd in cloud of sorrow,...Rate it:

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La Saint-Jean
Emile Verhaeren
Dansez sur la berge, les flammes, Comme de petites madames, Comme de tristes petites madames. Voici les soirs de la Saint-Jean Au long du fleuv...Rate it:

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Love's Saint
William Baylebridge
Some lip will use her name--a rapt surprise, Passing the heart's set ward, upon me steals. One word, to me, doth one saint canonize; And all the...Rate it:

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Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint
John Milton
Methought I saw my late espoused Saint Brought to me like Alcestus from the grave, Who Jove's great Son to her glad Husband gave, Rescu'd from d...Rate it:

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Rich & Poor; or Saint & Sinner
Thomas Love Peacock
The poor man's sins are glaring; In the face of ghostly warning He is caught in the fact Of an overt act--- Buying greens on a Sunday morning. The...Rate it:

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Saint Edmond's Eve
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Oh! did you observe the Black Canon pass, And did you observe his frown? He goeth to say the midnight mass, In holy St. Edmond's town. He goeth to...Rate it:

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Saint Elizabeth Of Bohemia
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
I. I NEVER lay me down to sleep at night But in my heart I sing that little song: The angels hear it as, a pitying throng, They touch my burnin...Rate it:

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The Burial of Saint Brendan
Padraic Colum
ON the third day from this (Saint Brendan said) I will be where no wind that filled a sail Has ever been, and it blew high or low: For from this ho...Rate it:

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The Manuscript of Saint Alexius
Augusta Davies Webster
There came a child into the solemn hall where great Pope Innocent sat throned and heard angry disputings on Free-Will in man, Grace, Purity, and...Rate it:

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The Modern Saint
Matthew Prior
Her time with equal prudence Silvia shares, First writes her billet-doux, then says her prayers, Her mass and toilette, vespers, and the play; Thus...Rate it:

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