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I Want to get lost Into The Wilds
Abinash Parajuli
and got no idea what for I want to get lost I’m trying myself, not to be found Violence we are forcRate it:

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Amber Caillouet
I lost myself in a sea of sorrow. I lost my sense of direction, I don't know which way is up or down. I lost the only people I care about because t...Rate it:

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Lost I stumble upon my mistakes like a thief in the night blindly without a clue episodes that repeat as often as the rain I am lost somewh...Rate it:

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Lost In The Mist
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
glimmering by-- But not one face of theirs. Lost, lost, and such a little way From that dear shRate it:

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Lost in the Prairie
William Topaz McGonagall
scarcely see, And they began to think they were lost on the wild prairie. And they suddenly noticRate it:

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The Cry Of A Lost Soul
John Greenleaf Whittier
thole, Crosses himself, and whispers, 'A lost soul!' 'No, Senor, not a bird. I know it well,-- It Rate it:

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Where I have lost, I softer tread
Emily Dickinson
Where I have lost, I softer tread— I sow sweet flower from garden bed— I pause above that vanished head And mourn. Whom I have lost, I p...Rate it:

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Within The Cluster of Rills Was Lost
Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali
Within the cluster of rills was lost, A sparkling spring; A saint was lost amongst A gang of thieves; Amidst a family of duds was lost, A lear...Rate it:

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Atheists Aren't Nuts Just Lost
Mario William Vitale
Atheists Aren't Nuts Just Lost what can I say had my share of debates with them still they can't see the fullness of God's reality...Rate it:

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Lost Star
Rabindranath Tagore
chain of light and one of the stars has been lost.' The golden string of their harp snapped, thRate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book 12
John Milton
far dispersed In foreign lands, their memory be lost; Regardless whether good or evil fame. But Rate it:

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The lost lagoon
Emily Pauline Johnson
It is dusk on the Lost Lagoon, And we two dreaming the dusk away, Beneath the drift of a twilight grey, Beneath the drowse of an ending day, An...Rate it:

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The Lost Piece Of Silver
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Jesus, Thou wilt search till Thou find This lost piece of silver,--this treasure enshrined In casRate it:

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What Was Lost
William Butler Yeats
I SING what was lost and dread what was won, I walk in a battle fought over again, My king a lost king, and lost soldiers my men; Feet to the Risin...Rate it:

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When Love Is Lost
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
When love is lost, the day sets towards the night, Albeit the morning sun may still be bright, And not one cloud-ship sails across the sky. Yet fro...Rate it:

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A Dialogue Betwixt Cordanus And Amoret, On A Lost Heart
Richard Lovelace
say, kind swain, what doth become Of a lost heart, ere to Elysium It wounded waRate it:

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A Lost Opportunity
Robert Fuller Murray
us, pair from pair, And not long after we lost our way. We wandered over the country-side, And we Rate it:

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A Memorial for the lives lost in Karbala was done
Mir Babar Ali Anees
A Memorial for the lives lost in Karbala was done And the bodies and the heads had finally become one And Husain’s slain army was remembered by a...Rate it:

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Description Of A Lost Friend
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
FROM THE MORNING POST. LOST--near the 'Change in the city, (I saw there a girl that seemed pretty) 'Joe Steel,' a short, cross-looking varlet, ...Rate it:

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Fragments from 'Genius Lost'
Charles Harpur
first morning faith to thought appears Lost in the shadowy past, and nought avails Her calliRate it:

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How Lost Was My Condition
John Newton
How lost was my condition Till Jesus made me whole! There is but one physician Can cure a sin-sick soul Next door to death he found me, And snatche...Rate it:

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Little Popeet - the Lost Child
William Topaz McGonagall
loving wife, but of her I'm bereft, And I and my lost child are only left. And, alas! I know not Rate it:

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Lost and Given Over
Edwin James Brady
Sing rally! rally! We’re given and lost to the girls that wait From Trinity to WhiRate it:

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Lost At Sea
Robert Fuller Murray
Lost at sea, with all on board! No one saw their sinking sail, No one heard their dying wail, Heard them calling on the Lord— Lost at sea, with all...Rate it:

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Lost Leader, The
Robert Browning
the one gift of which fortune bereft us, Lost all the others she lets us devote; They, with the gRate it:

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