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Jacob Homnium’s Hoss
William Makepeace Thackeray
master's oss did take up, There came a livery-man This gentleman to wake up; And he handed in a litRate it:

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A New Damon And Pythias
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Outs and INs! Now must we shed the Labor livery, And learn new manners in the Lib'ral school. And,Rate it:

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A Hell Upon Earth
Kurt Philip Behm
The livery on fire, all horses set free Misery beckons, the future to bleed The gates are now open, streets painted red Death has awakened...Rate it:

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A Lover To His Mistress
William Strode
these the dye; They flourish only in your livery. Rate it:

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An Orson Of The Muse
George Meredith
Her son, albeit the Muse's livery And measured courtly paces rouse his taunts, Naked and hairy in his savage haunts, To Nature only will he bend th...Rate it:

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Band Concert
Carl Sandburg
gigglers, rivaling the pony whinnies of the Livery Stable Blues. Cowboy rags and nigger rags. And Rate it:

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Beautiful Monikie
William Topaz McGonagall
beautiful little islets dressed in green livery. Monikie is as bonnie a place as ye could wish toRate it:

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Couplets In Praise
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
your sweet lips breathe, rose--red their livery. Earth has no part in you. Yet do your eyes to--niRate it:

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John Donne
then, and before, Our little Cupid hath sued livery, And is no more in his minority ; He is admiRate it:

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Ego Dominus Tuus
William Butler Yeats
luxury of the world, The coarse-bred son of a livery-stable keeper -- Luxuriant song. Hic. Why shouRate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
that leaf tinted lightly which assumes The livery of unremembered snow-- Violets whose eyes have drRate it:

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Archibald Thomas Strong
the tall Stark dreaming oaks thine ancient livery wear. Yet none hath known thy lovelinessRate it:

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Hell Upon Earth
Kurt Philip Behm
The livery on fire, its horses set free Misery beckons, the future to bleed The gates are broke open, all streets painted red Death has aw...Rate it:

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Jack Honest, or the Widow and Her Son
William Topaz McGonagall
door was opened by a footman, dressed in rich livery, And Jack told him he wished Mr Brooksby to seRate it:

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Robert Crawford
of ourselves, as though Each stage had its own livery, and we threw Off the old meaning, like the gRate it:

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New England Magazine
Ellis Parker Butler
curses dans you, sir!' Je cried; 'Vous human livery stable!' He fled! But vous who read this know Rate it:

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Not To The Staring Day
William Ernest Henley
significance, Wearing the darkness like the livery Of some mysterious and tremendous guild, They brRate it:

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On A Bank As I Sate A Fishing: A Description Of The Spring
Sir Henry Wotton
gay, all full of chear, To welcome the New-livery'd year. Rate it:

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On Gold
Jonathan Swift
is the greatest monarch blest, When in my gaudy livery drest! No haughty nymph has power to run FroRate it:

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Pan in Vermont
Rudyard Kipling
he’ll take us in again. Disguised behind the livery-team, fur-coated, rubber-shod – Yet Apis from tRate it:

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Pauline Pavlovna
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
colors, I'll be sworn; The truth, but in the livery of a lie, And so must wrong me. Only this is Rate it:

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Renouveau. (From The French)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
fount, and tinkling brook Wear in their dainty livery Drops of silver jewelry; In new-made suit Rate it:

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Riddles By Dr. Swift And His Friends
Jonathan Swift
greatest lord, when you appear, Will deign your livery to wear, In all the various colours seen Of Rate it:

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Richard Crashaw
incarnate be, And life itself wear death's frail livery. That the great angel-blinding light shoulRate it:

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Sonnet (I)
George Herbert
their other flames? Doth Poetry Wear Venus livery? only serve her turn? Why are not Sonnets made Rate it:

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